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Kafaat International for Advertising - Saudi Chinese Center for Advertising

Address: Siteen St., Aziziyah Dist., Jeddah

Opening Hours

Kafaat International for Advertising Est. established in 2009 under Commercial Register CR No. 4030195082. The establishment listed under publicity & advertising agencies category, which excludes LED road screens, mega billboards (Unipol) and advertising Signboards for companies & factories. Provides all advertising services which include, New Year gifts using latest American technology in Laser & Metal Engraving – Execution of Trophies & Stands Printing on all Surfaces & Materials – Printing on Caps, T-shirts & Protective Safety Jackets – Trading of all printing machines (Laser, Router, Plasma & Water-jet Machines – T-shirts, Mugs water-jet cutting Pressers – Plastic Cards & Stamps Manufacturing Machines – Mega Color Printing Machines up to 3.2 meter (W) for posters and banners printing.

Details of the work
CNC Machine | Exhibition Stands Interior | Laser Engraving | Outdoor Ad Printing | Print House | Printing Equipment | Printing Machinery | Seals | Sign Manufacturer | T.Shirt printing | Thermal Printing


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