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  • Al Khairat Co. Ltd.

    Sabeen St., Aziziyah Dist., Jeddah

    Al Khairat Company established in Saudi Arabia in 1990 as one of the biggest companies in stationery & all kinds of bags, especially school and university ones. The company developed over years as it developed its products & expanded its client network to cover all Saudi Arabia areas, in order to meet all requirements of its client’s and suppliers as well. Al Khairat Company also invested in toys field so to expand the scope of its current business. The trademarks belong to the company consider the corner stone of its business, some of them are; (Pilot), (Zebra), (Stabilo), (Hello Kitty), (Lulu Caty), (Angry Birds), (Ben 10), (Full Stop), (Class) and (Pause) in addition to many

    Category(s): Libraries, Stationery


  • Al Motaqadimah Private Schools

    Al Aqeiq Dist., Riyadh

    When the number of the national schools has increased, we thought about another kind of school performance. Here, Al- Motaqadima National Schools came with their great message and vision to prepare their sons to become interactive with their giving’s and to participate in solving their own problems and the problems of their society. Being bored with the classical methods, our schools aimed to have moderate and balanced upbringing to satisfy the needs of spirit, mind and body. Also, the projects that take the lead such as ( The Sincere Educator – Inheritance – The Little Trader – The Robot – The Fab Lab. – The Visiting Teacher – The Abilities & Attainment Centre For Secondary Stage – Leadership Centre For Qualifying Technical & Administrative Cadres - Teaching Maths , Science & Computer Sciences in English . ) The schools concentrate on the STIM theory derived from the Finnish Philosophy and the 3M Strategy that make the teacher and the learner the starting and ending point. Our Schools have been upgraded to be the best in Riyadh and the third in the whole kingdom. So, their activities have varied between the National Education and the International Education (American Diploma for Boys & Girls) in all stages (Preliminary – Primary – Intermediate – Secondary). Also, we have been nominated by King Abdul Aziz And His Men Centre For Talent & Innovation to entertain (30) students from (1st. Intermediate & 1 st . Secondary) as a free grant from the schools.

    Category(s): International Schools, Private Schools


  • Al Aknan National Schools

    Madinah, Al Madinah Al Munawarah

    To be a cultural educational educational entity in the education industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Category(s): Schools, Schools - Nurseries, Kindergarten & Primary Schools, Schools - Nursing Schools, Schools - Preparatory & Secondary Schools, Private Schools