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Makkah is a city holy to Muslims where the Holy Mosque and the Kaaba, which is the Muslims attraction center in their prayers. It is located in Hijaz in Saudi Arabia, and some 400 km away from Medina, in the direction south-west, about 120 km from the city of Taif in the east direction 72 km from the city of Jeddah and the Red Sea coast. The nearest port to Makkah is Jeddah Islamic Port. The nearest international airport is King Abdul Aziz International Airport. Makkah is located at the intersection of two degrees of latitude 25/21 north, and longitude 49/39 north. The total area of Makkah is about 550 km ². The central area surrounding the Makkah Holy Mosque is about 6 km ². Makkah is about 330 meters above sea level.

Makkah establishment was more than 2000 years BC. It was at the beginning a small village located in a dry valley surrounded by mountains from each side. People started arriving & dwelling there during the era of Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ismail, peace is upon them, after Prophet Ibrahim left his wife Hagar and son Ishmael in the dry valley desert, in compliance with the order of God. So they stayed in the valley until the outbreak of the Zamzam well. Afterwards, the tribes started moving to Makkah first of them was Jurhum, the Yemini tribe. At that time, building of the holy Kaaba started by Prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismail.

The population of Makkah, according to statistics of 2007, is about 1.7 million spread over districts of Makkah. Makkah Includes many of the Islamic holy places, perhaps most notably the Holy Mosque, the holiest places on earth for Muslims, because it includes the Kaaba, the attraction center of Muslims in their prayer. The Holy Mosque is one of the three mosques to which people are to travel, according to the words of the Prophet Muhammad: "Do not stretch the travel except to three mosques: the Holy Mosque, Al Aqsa Mosque and Madina Mosque". So, Makkah is the destination of Muslims during Hajj and Umrah season. It includes areas of Hajj such as Muzdalifah, Mina and Arafat.

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