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Al Medina Al Munawarah, nicknamed the "Taybah Al Tayyeba" which means "goodness of the good", the first Islamic capital and the second holiest place for Muslims after Makkah, is the capital of Madina region located on the land of the historic Hijaz. About 400 kilometers away from Makkah in a east northeast direction. About 150 km east of the Red Sea. The nearest port is the port of Yanbu, south west of it, just about 220 km. Total space area of Medina is about 589 km ².

Medina was established more than 1500 years before Prophet Immigration. Was known before the advent of Islam as "Yathrib" Prophet Mohammed bin Abdullah changed the name "Yathrib" to become "Al Madina". Entry to Al Madina Al Munawarah is forbidden for non-Muslims.

The city population is about 1,300,000. It includes many monuments, most notably the Prophet's Mosque in addition to the Baqi cemetery, where many of the Prophet companions are buried, Quba mosque, the first mosque built in Islam, the Two Qeblas Mosque and the mountain of Uhud.

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