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Trade General In Saudi Arabia

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  • Topaz Trading Est.

    Al Thuqbah, Al Khobar

    TOPSYS, part of group of companies, has been operational since 1996. It was initially established as a testing center offering IT computer based exams. In 2002, TOPSYS expanded its operation to provide IT solutions to local market from four major Business Units; Security, eBusiness, Enterprise Solutions, and Certification. This major expansion allowed TOPSYS to penetrate other opportunities in government and private businesses. In March 2005, the board of directors of TOPSYS decided to launch the 3rd expansion for TOPSYS. A new Managing Director joined the operational team that went to work jointly with all TOPSYS staff transforming TOPSYS to a company that focuses on Business Performance enhancement.

    Category(s): Trade General


  • Al Qaryan Group For Metal Recycling, Processing & Trading

    Abo Hadryha Road, Dammam

    Landmark Dallah - Dammam, K.S.A.

    Like Oxygen To Humans.. Recycling To Us. Company Overview: With headquarters in Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Al Qaryan Group is a leading metal recycling, processing and trading company with strong regional and global presence. Products: Al Qaryan Group offers to its valued customers a broad range of high quality ferrous and non- ferrous metal scrap products and services at competitive prices through superior delivery, reliability, credibility and flexibility to be at the forefront of customer service and customer satisfaction.

    Category(s): Industrial Services, Recycled Products - Paper, Plastic Etc, Scrap, Trade General


  • Al Zahrani Group Companies

    Jeddah, Jaddah

    We import and export fruit and vegetables with capital and share it with us You have the option to sell them or we sell them to you in the local market via The company's points of sale and share earnings per month The lowest amount of investment in fruit and vegetables is 15 thousand riyals and you get profits at different rates

    Category(s): Contractors, Real Estate Development & Management Companies, Fruit & Vegetable, Import & Export Agencies, Trade General

  • Al-Rayan Advanced Company for Trading & General Construction (Araco)

    King Abdulaziz Street, Madinah, Madinah

    Al-Rayyan Company for Trading and General Construction is a national company engaged in the field of contracting, investment and trade. It has emerged from the transformation of Naji Mohammed Al-Jabri Contracting Establishment which was established in 1423H in Madinah, with the economic boom and the increase in the volume of business. Limited

    Category(s): Cleaning General, Contractors, Maintenance - General - Contractors & Services, Real Estate Investment & Rental Services, Trade General


  • Engineering Corner for Inspection

    Al Faihaa Dist, Ras Tanurah

    A division of Engineering Corner for General Contracting Establishment (E.C.C) holds of C.R. No. 2066001953 with business address at P.O.Box 235, Al-Quds Street RasTanura 31941 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was primarily established to provide Crane, Lifting and Heavy Equipment Inspection Services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Region , Being registered and approved by Saudi Aramco Oil Company, Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical ( SATORP), Saudi Arabia Basic Industry and Chemical (SABIC ), Saudi Electric Company (SEC) , Royal Commission, MA’ADEN, and KPR the company has deliberately planned and prepared itself with the necessary skills and know how to meet the challenge in the attainment of customer expectations and requirements for more reliable , Safe and with satisfactory performance in its field of inspection services.

    Category(s): Engineers, Inspection Consultants & Services, Soil Testing Equipment , Conservation Services & Investigation Equipment & Testing Services, Trade General

  • Al Bitar Steel & Aluminium Factory

    Street 3 & 4 Intersection, 1st Industrial City, Dammam

    Landmark Khobar Highway

    Albitar factory is a wholly Saudi owned entity that was founded in 1974 in the First Industrial City, Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and is a leading provider which is dedicated to quality work and customer satisfaction. 

    Through our collaboration with a lot of clients, Albitar Factory offers a wide range of services in the field of glass, Aluminium, stainless steel, steel, automatic door projects and so on. 

    The nature of ِAlbitar factory services is not limited to any particular stream of work in the field of glass, Aluminium, stainless steel, steel, automatic doors. But has the ability to do a wide range of products.

    We are passionate about development and we share your commitment to learning. In all areas we are providing, our work is about unlocking hidden potentials and diversity is integral to everthing we do.

    Category(s): Aluminium & Aluminium Products, Contractors, Doors, Glass Assorted, Stainless Steel, Trade General

  • Tariq Almaimani Trading EST

    Qurbaan St., Madinah

    Category(s): Agriculture, Dates, Trade General

  • Sports Markets Co.Ltd

    Malaz Dist., Riyadh

    Sports Market Co. Ltd. is considered one of the major sports companies operating in Saudi Arabia in the field of sports goods, rendering its services in all cities since more than 20 (twenty) years. - Providing high quality products imported from specialized world-famous manufacturing companies. Running large showrooms, largest of their kind, where latest sports and fitness equipment and accessories, combining both top class quality, and affordable prices, are displayed. - Agents for major world-famous manufacturing companies of various types of sports goods and accessories. - We spare you the trouble of searching for the new and stylish by making them available and at your disposal in one place. SPORTS FOOTWEAR: (Soccer shoes/Basketball shoes/Volleyball shoes/jogging and casual shoes/Sport shoes/school Training shoes/golf. shoes/weightlifting shoes. SPORTSWEAR School Sportswear (all colors and sizes) Various types of winter and summer training suits of popular brands/various sports shorts/Swimming trunks/Seashore shorts/ Variety of training shorts (all sizes and colors)/Sliming and weight-reducing suits/International and national sports clubs T- shorts/Variety of sports T-shirts/Variety of sports sets for all age groups.

    Category(s): Sports - Systems & Supplies, Trade General

  • Mariat for Trade and Industry

    King abdulaziz st. , Al Mrooj Dist., Riyadh

    Landmark Exit 5

    Mariat Trading & Industry offers the following services: 1- Machines for blowing bottles Integrated solutions for water, juices, oil, medicine and many others. Linear Molding technology is promoted to the highest and most demanding requirements while minimizing maintenance, reliability and flexibility.   2. Packing machines Integrated solutions for packing plastic, glass and metal bottles of all sizes and capacities to fill all kinds of liquids with different viscosity grades.   3 - Machines Lipl All types of LIPL machines, such as hot glue pasting machines, self-adhesive laminates, cold glue, pre-laminated glue, flexible and joint design machines.   4 - carton and grinder machines Filling machines of various types of products in carton or fork or machines of a common design. The machines are compatible with a wide range of products and sizes. 5 - Machines rinsing and sterilizing bottles Fully automatic flasks and sterilizing machines with different designs and energy from 3000 to 90000 bottles per hour according to the type of flask   6- Vacuum packing machines The best German machines for packing, closing the bags, checking leaks and metals with the highest quality and latest German technology. 7. Refrigeration stores Supplying and installing different sizes of refrigeration rooms and freezers. They are specially designed and manufactured according to customers' requests. 8. Dates lines 9. Food factories 10. Water plants 11. Support Services

    Category(s): Industrial Services, Machine Tools, Machinery, Mineral & Distilled Water,Bottled & Bulk, Packaging, Trade General, Trade & industry

  • Three Palm Trees Group Of Company

    Al Zahra Dist., Riyadh

    Three Palm Trees Group Of Company Established in 1414H and includes maintenance, contracting and general trade through the maintenance department of the company, we maintain and operate government airports, control towers, electrical equipment, industrial equipment and machinery. This section is specific to the construction and reconstruction of the public and private sectors. We also establish and maintain roads, in addition to maintenance of terraces and parking spaces. On these operations a crew of professional technicians and engineers

    Category(s): Contractors, Maintenance and operation, Trade General

  • Zamil Steel

    Al Farazdaq Street, Malaz Dist., Riyadh

    Landmark beside of Administration Institut Compound

    Category(s): Barriers, Cranes, Holding Companies, Industrial - Services & Testing, Security & Safety Control Systems, Steel Buildings & Structures, Steel & Iron, Trade General

  • 1/2 Price Stores

    Dammam, Dammam

    Category(s): Home Appliances, Trade General

  • A

    Takhassusi St., Riyadh

    Category(s): Trade General

  • A

    Mansoura Dist, Riyadh

    Category(s): Trade General

  • A . M Trading Est.

    Rouwais Dist., Jaddah

    Category(s): Trade General

  • A Abunayyan Electric Co.

    Al Mina St., Bareed Dist., Dammam

    Category(s): Trade General

  • A. A. Turki Group.

    Faisaliyah Dist., Jaddah

    Category(s): Trade General

  • A. H. Al Zhaher

    Prince Talal St., Al Khobar

    Category(s): Trade General