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Hotels Management & Operation In Saudi Arabia

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  • Mabnaa Holding Business Co.

    Madinah, Madinah

    Holding company composed of professional teams of more than 10 years experience in the following areas: - Management of commercial and residential properties - Development and real estate investment - Strategic partnerships for internal and external investment - Strategic solutions to keep up with our beloved Kingdom of Arabia 2030

    Category(s): Contractors, Real Estate Development & Management Companies, Hotels Management & Operation, Real Estate Investment & Rental Services, Restaurant Management, Road & Service


  • Sultan Mohammed Ali Al Luqmani group for development and commercial Investment

    Sultanah, Madinah

    We are a group of
    Sultan Mohammed Ali Al Luqmani Trading Development Group
    specialized in the management and operation of hotels and units and the purchase and sale of land and real estate and rental of real estate and shops , Where we provide the best services to the guests of Rahman by booking the best hotels and reservations and the best prices during the Umrah and Hajj seasons by renting rooms in hotels and providing the best services to the pilgrims during their stay in Madinah.

    We are specialized in all construction works in the field of general contracting, buildings & all finishes. We provide the best services to projects & customers with utmost accuracy & professionalism. We are committed to providing the best quality standards in safety & security.

    Category(s): Contractors, Real Estate Development & Management Companies, Hotels Management & Operation, Hotels, Investment - Companies

  • Al Saad Group Hotel

    Al Shisha Dist., Makkah

    Category(s): Hotels Management & Operation

  • Al Saaha Hotel

    Madinah Road, Sharafiyah Dist., Jaddah

    Category(s): Hotels Management & Operation, Hotels

  • Leqa Alaheba For Hotels & Tourism Trips Organization

    Qurbaan St., Madinah

    Leqa Alaheba was founded in 1436 H and was established to serve the guests of Rahman from outside and inside Saudi Arabia with the best services in the hotels of Mecca and Medina for all levels, we do also our best to provide the best service with the best prices in order to deserve the confidence of our customers.

    Category(s): Hotels Management & Operation, Travel And Tourism Agencies

  • Al-Ghunaim Hospitality

    Othman Ibn Affan Street, Ar Rayyan Dist., Dammam

    Category(s): Hotels Equipment & Supplies, Hotels Management & Operation

  • Shrooq Al Eman Hotel Rrservations

    Umm al-Qura Street, Siteen Street, Makkah

    Category(s): Haj & Umrah, Hotels Management & Operation, Hotels

  • Afwaj Al Toubah Company

    Kadi Roundabout, Makkah City, Makkah

    Category(s): Hotels Management & Operation, Hotels

  • Al Multaqa Kareem Co.

    Al Awali, Madinah

    We are a forum cream Ltd., a Saudi company specializing in the management and operation of hotels to serve visitors to the pilgrims of pilgrims and ensure their stay and their enjoyment of the performance of rituals easily and smoothly , and that the company is working in other areas such as travel and tourism and the provision of hotel supplies and Alidikor and furnishings , with branches inside and outside the Kingdom . Our history began the company's activity in the field of tourism and hotels in (1400 E - 1980 ) where she owns and operates a hotel sneezing (5 stars) and the old hotel zone Alnnabip Medina and hunters who have been expanding their entry within the Holy Mosque . - In ( ...... ) tended to create and manage city hotel cream (3 stars) sixtieth Street Medina which features magnificent architectural design , where there is the first revolving restaurant in Saudi Arabia. - In ( ..... ) the company has expanded the operation and management ( 4) Hotels in Makkah They hotel arena cream , cream Huda Hotel , Palace Hotel cream and mulch district Misfalah Almsial Street just 70 meters from the Haram al-Sharif , which has been introduced within the region to expand the campus. - In ( ..... ) The company continued its expansion in established lawns hotel in Jeddah, cream and gold district , located in the country. - In ( .... ), the company created a hotel Muna Kareem Radisson Blu (5 stars) in Medina , which is characterized by a unique panoramic design . - In ( .... ) went to the company's expansion in other areas where it has a touch -Yaman Foundation , which is providing all supplies Alinvndeghih of furniture and furnishings, as well as other established institution Idar Decor and carrying power of attorney for the company Idar Turkish . - In ( .... ) the company has established a number of companies , travel agencies and tourism in a number of Arab countries , including: - Agency semen cream , agency Hashemi Medina , a travel agency in Jeddah, semen , and the agency, " JW " in Cairo - Egypt , Muna Karim , Dubai - UAE and Casablanca Travel Rabat - Morocco , company Aroub Damascus - Syria . The message : that harness all our energy and our ability to provide complete satisfaction to our customers and Mnsopena . Vision : We are a global company strive for leadership and excellence in the management and delivery of tourism programs and support services with pride . Objectives: - Strive to build and Alttoreddaúm and development because they are the basis of Mnsopena success. - The pursuit of excellence and provide the best tourist programs and hotel services and support services to them. - The obligation to apply the provisions of Islamic Sharia in all our field in which we operate .

    Category(s): Furniture Equipment , Supplies & Accessories, Hotels Management & Operation, Hotels, Travel And Tourism Agencies

  • Al Saraya Alambark

    Tahlyah St., Jaddah

    Category(s): Hotels Management & Operation

  • Al Taj Group

    Mansour St., Makkah

    Category(s): Hotels Management & Operation, Hotels