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Dental Clinics & Doctors In Saudi Arabia

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  • Ram Dental Polyclinic

    Al Aqrabiyah Dist, Al Khobar

    Book your appointment now with Ram Clinics specialized in medical care with a selection of Saudi consultants in the fields of dentistry, leather and medical exams. The Ram Clinics group includes more than 400 doctors and doctors through a wide network of branches that includes 20 branches inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain

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  • Magrabi Hospitals & Centers

    Airport Raod, Balad, Madinah

    Landmark Mowasat Hospital

    Founded in 1955, Magrabi Hospitals & Centers has evolved from a simple eye hospital in Jeddah, the first private specialized facility in the Middle East and Africa, to become the largest and first sub-specialized medical care network in the region, providing eye care to more than 500,000 patients and doing more than 50,000 sight preserving surgeries annually. In the late 1970's, Magrabi decided to strengthen its position of regional leadership by acquiring ENT and Dentistry practices. With this strategic move, Magrabi Hospitals & Centers further penetrated the region, combining its heritage and experience in other medical fields. In 1997, Magrabi Hospitals & Centers associated in partnership with AMI Saudi Arabia Limited (established in 1980 by The American Medical International Company that is one of the largest hospital management companies in the USA). In 2009, IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, has partnered with Magrabi Hospitals & Centers to expand private eye care in MENA region, to address the need for high-quality ophthalmology services, and to bring world-class clinical and patient care to underdeveloped markets in the region. These two partnerships managing our hospitals in accordance with highest standards of service quality and patient safety. Magrabi Hospitals & Centers has been expanding to cover more of the Middle East & Africa, including 32 hospitals and centers, 8 of which are charitable, in nine countries. Magrabi ophthalmology team includes 300 physicians and 600 nurses. The facilities host 40 operating theaters. Over the years, MAGRABI Hospitals & Centers has become a symbol for excellence in the Eye, ENT and Dentistry care fields for its heritage, the most skilled internationally trained doctors, exceptional services, state-of-the-art technology and ultra modern facilities offering world-class healthcare.

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  • Wahat Almas medical center

    Khaled Ibn Al Waleed Road, Hamra Dist., Riyadh

    Orthodontics is a specialty of jaw and teeth that is considered one of the basic dentistry branches. This science cares for natural growth of the face, jaws and teeth. It also includes the application of all preventive and early treatment measures, which aim to correct the relationship between jaws & teeth as well as forming a balance and harmony relationship between different facial structures, jaw and teeth. To achieve this, the orthodontist applies mechanical forces to the teeth and its jaw bases or takes advantage of the functional power represented in the underlying energy and the facial muscles in order to move the teeth and its bony bases towards a more convenient position both cosmetic and functional.

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  • Buraydah Dental Clinics

    Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Street, Buraida, Qassim

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  • Moon Smile Clinic

    Hira Street, Al Naaeem Dist., Jaddah

    Landmark Al Naeem District In Front of the Danya Market

    About Us Long march Khvenaha competencies excellence and leadership in the processing and ideas in implementation has been taken into account when you start to work clinics harnessing what invented the technique of devices in the field of medicine and put it in the hands of doctors skilled and distinguished in their field through their terms of reference in all branches of medicine in order to get patients on service compatible with the level of their aspirations and their ambition did not lose sight of the side-equipped and furnished to be a luxury that suits the elite distinctive target polarization treatment Yes from the beginning it was our ambition sit on the top and with distinction through careful planning, which tells the secret of our success stems vision of our commitment to ensuring the quality of work is accompanied by superior service and price thrown satisfaction .

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  • Asnani Dental Clinic

    Prince Sultan Street, Salama Dist., Jaddah

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  • Noor Qubaa Dental Polyclinic

    Al Hihra Al Nazel Road, Hijrah Dist., Madinah

    Landmark Befor Ghassan Est

    The complex was founded on 6/5/1426 and includes a selection of distinguished experts Under the supervision of the medical director: Dr.Majed Kurdi Consultant geriatric diseases: Dr. Farhad Atassi Orthodontist: Dr. Khaldoun Idris Doctors: Dr. Mohamed Kamal Saadia Dr. Ammar Meri Al-Rifai Dr.. Tarek Masalhi Dr.. Abdul Razek Ozon Doctors Dr. Mayada Kft Dr. Rola Akhwan Dr. Shaden Tulaimat Dr.Raoui Al-Juhani The complex offers all dental treatments including zircon and dental implants _ and snape-on_ Lightening the gums with laser There is also a laboratory for the manufacture of cosmetic and cosmetic dentistry There is also a comprehensive treatment for adults and young people in one session under hypnosis

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  • Advanced Cosmetic and Dental Care

    Khaled Bin Al Waled St., Hamra Dist., Riyadh

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  • Complex bright smile horizon of medicine and orthodontics

    The bright smile horizon of the dental garden, Madina 42383, Second Ring, Madinah

    The clinic of the smile horizon of brilliant orthodontic and orthodontics includes a distinguished cadre of dentists in several specialties (such as orthodontics, orthodontics, orthodontic treatments ..)

    Opening hours are from 9 am to 9 pm

    Contact and Reservation: (014/8444567)

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  • Adwaa Al Hikmah Dental & Derma Clinics

    King Khaled Street, Al Nakhheel Dist., Dammam

    Dental Clinics, Orthodontic and Dentures.

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  • Specialist Dental Treatment

    King Fisal Street, Al Tebashee Dist., Dammam

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  • Al Muhaidib Medical Group

    King Fahd Road, Malaga dist., Riyadh

    Landmark Opposite the Saudi German Hospital

    Al Muhaidib Medical Group

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  • Dr.Medhat AlHusseini Consultant Facial and Maxillofacial Surgery and Beauty

    Al Sahaffa Dist., Riyadh

    Dr. Medhat Alhusseini, Professor of Dental Surgery, Alexandria University, specialized in rare surgeries of special tumors of the face and jaw, and restoration of these surgeries from cosmetic surgery and replacement of a better shap

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  • Rama Center For Medicine And Dental Implant

    Beside Panda Market, Takhassusi St., Riyadh

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  • Ayan Medical Consulting Center

    Etaiqah Dist., Riyadh

    New life and smile with Adhesive lenses for teeth to enjoy the latest celebrity smile for the first Swiss system is considered unique technology for a bright smile and whiter than white and fill in the blanks and Milan teeth at the same time! Without pain and allergies, and cooling and a thickness of very thin Kaladsat

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