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  • To meet the expectations of our clients, shareholders, and employees. Our principle is to create superior value projects for our respected clients, and community through delivering the highest level of construction. We flourish to present our clients with the latest construction building methods through our various professional teams that are dedicated to ensuring the unlimited support in designing, planning, and executing any project

    Imam Shafie Street, Khurais Road, Riyadh

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  • Boecker Public Health, the region’s largest Pest Management, Food Safety and Biosecurity services, provides World Class services for the most demanding commercial, food service and residential sectors. Founded in 1993, Boecker has been positioned as a renowned leader in the field of public health with a well founded expansion in the Middle East region operating in UAE, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and lately in Nigeria.

    King Abdul Aziz Road, Riyadh

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  • Since 1393 AH, the group started its activities when the owner and general manager of the group was engaged in the field of auctions with his uncle / Eid Muslim Ibrahim Kurdi, may God have mercy on him, and then went to work in the field of contracting and real estate with his father / Omar Musa al-Amoudi God's mercy, Time The owner of the group put the first steps in order to develop and expand its activity until after several years the group became a leading name in the field of auctions. Today, the group has several branches, each of which includes a group of specialists with a great deal of experience and efficiency. Selling, buying and valuing real estate of all kinds / Auctions / buying and selling heavy / buying and selling pieces of used and new / general contracting auto parts equipment. We are pleased to provide a distinguished service to win the confidence of our customers and remain their first advisor

    King Abdul Aziz Road, Al Madinah Al Munawarah

    • Universal Access Number: 9200-07659
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  • Asia Metals was established in 2010 in Saudi Arabia, in the field of general contracting manufacturing and build up pre-engineered steel building consists of columns, rafters, bracing ,or as specified and continued to bid for another branch for trading to meet the increasing demand for high quality steel products used in construction, And to support infrastructure in Saudi Arabia. The interest of Asia metals in detail in all aspects of metals, procurement, manufacturing or after-sale services is one of its first priorities. Steel is imported strictly according to international standards and complies with the requirements of the Saudi Organization for Standardization and Metrology, in addition to the continuous modernization and technological expansion. Global quality sold in domestic market

    Madinah Road, Old Industrial, Riyadh

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  • COMATEC is a general contracting company specialized in the execution and management of telecom and construction projects. We provide our clients with comprehensive integrated solutions including project management, facility management, and maintenance services to sustain successful, long-term partnerships. VISION To proficiently adopt innovative technologies in the execution of our projects through the employment of effective systems that entail environmental solutions, renewable & clean energy services, and green buildings in construction and telecommunication projects. MISSION We strive to serve our clients with high quality standards in Construction & Telecom Projects and provide them with advanced technologies and integrated solutions in facility management. We also aspire to achieve high level of client satisfaction, retain our loyal clients, build satisfying careers for our people, and earn a fair return on the value we deliver.

    Ulaya Dist., Riyadh

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  • Al Showqyah Dist., Makkah Al Mukarrmah

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  • Nuriayah Dist, Makkah Al Mukarrmah

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  • Wadi Al Akhdar Road, Makkah Al Mukramah, Makkah Al Mukarrmah

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  • Jeddah, Jeddah

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  • Behind Toyota Showroom, Kharj Road, Riyadh

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  • Contracting: Star Middle East General Contracting has more than 20 years' experience in construction, interior and exterior finishing, restoration, development, maintenance and operation with high standards, our specialists are available to offer innovative and effective engineering solutions, Meet both the budget requirements and the client's need, and then formulate them and make them realistic. · Engineering Consultancy: Engineering consultancy and approved plans, and documentation of designs from the competent authorities. Design of external and internal plans, lightings and distribution, electrical, sanitary, structural, networks, communications, roads and public utilities. Feasibility study and management of construction projects and supervision of implementation.

    St. (22) - Cross Prince Mohammed, Khobar North, Al Khobar

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  • Specialized in building & construction of multi-purpose projects such as residential, hotel commercial and administrative multi-stories buildings. Residential compounds, hospitals, clinics, mosques ...ect. certificate of 3rd grade contractors classification in buildings sector. Buildings electrical, mechanical works, finishing, decor, suspended ceilings, handrails, doors, windows and different kinds of kitchens works and any wooden or metal works. Metal buildings works, and the company awarded with certified builders certificate by (Kirby). Our motto is: persistence & commitment to time limit and quality products.

    Al Yarmouk St., Ulaya Dist., Al Khobar

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  • Best price .. Highest quality .. We use the best raw materials .. Modern designs for cabins .. Professional maintenance .. Meet breakdowns around the clock

    Othman Ibn Affan Road (Al Aoyun Rd.) Al Zahem Complex, Office # 6, Eyoon Dist, Al Madinah Al Munawarah

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  • Establishment Policies - Quality Policy - Saudi Ready-mix and Contracting Est. are committed to providing maximum customer service in order to achieve all customer requirements, using technology and the value of competition within its sources. Established the department for Quality Control commensurate with the quality control requirements while this section is subject to the modernization and development and continuous review Standing systems and procedures through experience and knowledge in system administration to quality as subject to all its employees for training appropriate legal to ensure the safety and effectiveness of all our operations productivity.

    Briyman, Jeddah

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  • Forty Street before the intersection of desalination, Prince Metab Bin Abdul Aziz St., Jeddah

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  • Ouoda Al Blady Trading & Cont. Est.

    Balad, Al Madinah Al Munawarah

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  • 6th floor, Allokman Bldg., King Abdul Aziz Street, Khobar North, Al Khobar

    Landmark Saudi Hollandi Bank

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  • Abdulhadi Hassan Taher & Partners Co. Ltd. CIC, founded by the late Eng. Khaled Taher, is a part of the Aal Taher group, one of Saudi Arabia’s major private sector organizations specializing in the manufacture of construction chemicals. CIC had been established in 1981 in collaboration with one of the famous French company Lafarge members. Afterwards, the founder, using his vision and resources, decided to create his own product range to meet the burgeoning demands of a fast growing economy fueled by the oil boom. CIC is an ISO 9000 certified company since 1998, and up to date with the latest quality assurance issues. Our position as a market leader, for over 35 years, is based upon the strong foundations of focused customer service and manufacturing excellence reaching customer satisfaction. Our mission is to achieve excellence in the construction chemicals industry by keeping abreast the latest research and technological advances in the field, as well as well as meeting the particular needs of Saudi & Middle East markets. CIC head office is located in Jeddah, with customer service facilities, showrooms and warehouses throughout the Kingdom, including branches in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Madina, Makkah, Yanbu and Tabuk. CIC manufactures and supplies the following products throughout Saudi and all over the Middle East and GCC countries:

    Khalid Bin Al Waleed St., Jeddah

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  • Headquartered in Al Madinah Al Munawwarah, the company has a distinguished elite of experienced technicians in the field of air conditioning, contracting and IT for more than twenty years. Our vision is that we are seeking to occupy the specialized position in the Madinah area in particular and in the Hijaz in general, providing contracting services, air conditioning and information technology to all customers in the governmental and private sectors. Our mission is to provide the highest levels of customer service on time by providing the right environment for all employees.

    Al Fath Dist., Al Madinah Al Munawarah

    • Phone: 059-7733370
    • Phone: 014-8611811
  • About the Lodi Foundation The company will study the technical adaptation projects and design and design a suitable air conditioning system for the building in terms of size, strength and number of units, as required by the building, and make the required extensions according to the design during the construction phase of the building. It can also design, manufacture and install air ducts . The company also carries out maintenance and repair of air conditioners through the maintenance center and spare parts. The company has a system of periodic maintenance of the air conditioning system with annual contracts. A team of skilled technicians with high efficiency carry out periodic preventive maintenance according to the schedule prepared for this. Continuously and efficiently without interruption and this reduces air conditioning failures and increases its life span.

    King Abdulaziz Road - opposite the railway park., Tabuk City, Tabuk

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