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  • Nuriayah Dist, Makkah Al Mukarrmah

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  • Rashid Al Dossary Trading Est. Deals with special chemicals, radiator coolants, bulk chemicals and detergents for household, hospitals and industrial sector. Also the sole distributor for Soudal-Belgium in the Eastern Province. Soudal-Belgium is a global manufacturer of sealant, adhesive & PU foams for industry construction and household.

    King Khalid St., Al Rabiah Dist., Dammam

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  • Behind Toyota Showroom, Kharj Road, Riyadh

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  • Salaheddin Al Ayoubi ST., Bustan Dist., Dammam

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  • Shwran Dist., Al Madinah Al Munawarah

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  • Al Jalsi - Construction Material Division was formed with a vision to provide quality products and services of highest standard to the clients from its network of world-wide offices, leveraging on the expertise of the principals who are market leaders in their respective fields

    King Fahd Street (Al Steen), Bab Makkah Dist., Jeddah

    Landmark Beside Al Bald Station

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  • Anti Corrosion Natural heat insulating Sound proof Fire rated Outstanding durability Poly Fiber & Janti Sheet High-tech & Eco Slate made by eco-friendly materials

    Ishbiliyah Business Centre, Rouwais Dist., Jeddah

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    • Mobile: 050-7000712
  • One of the important sections in our factory which plays an important role in maintaining the prestigious status that our products occupy in the kingdom, a special laboratory of the factory checks and controls the quality to match the precise levels of quality, pressure and endurance for every product we supply to our customers. And for the importance of these measures, our laboratories are equipped with the latest devices which use the most modern technologies in the world which are employed in this production. In the laboratory works an elite of specialists that have a high level of experience and efficiency. The laboratory does a series of tests on random samples from all types of manufactured products and then approves them based on the wanted level of quality matching the certified specifications of USA (ASTM) & KSA (SASO).

    Al Hamadanyh Dist., Jeddah

    Landmark Inside Bin Ladin Industrial Complex

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  • Building Materials‭ - ‬Electricals‭ & ‬Electrical Materials‭ - ‬Paints‭ & ‬Paints Accessories‭ - ‬Manual Tools‭ & ‬Machinery‭ - ‬Sanitary Materials‭ - ‬Metal Tools‭.‬

    Dammam - Al Khudhariah, Khodariyah Dist., Dammam

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  • General Contracting, Finishing Materials, Building Materials, Electrical Materials, Sanitary Wares, Pluming Tools, Electrical Switches.

    Omar Bin Al Khattab St., Faisaliyah Dist., Dammam

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  • Global Source Specializes in Meeting The Needs of Civil Construction Contractors‭, ‬Pre-cast‭ & ‬Ready-mix Concrete Companies‭. ‬We Have A Wide Product range Which Covers Sewage‭, ‬Water‭ & ‬Telecom‭ ‬Manhole Accessories‭, ‬Manhole Steps‭, ‬Plastic Welding‭ / ‬Fabrication Machines‭, ‬Material Testing Equipment‭, ‬Safety equipment For Workers‭ (‬PPE‭) & ‬Site‭, ‬Pre-cast Lifting‭ & ‬Transportation Accessories‭ & ‬Building Materials

    Malaz Dist., Riyadh

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  • Al Sulay Dist., Riyadh

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  • We can provide the customer with all kinds of stainless steel and all shapes and provide all the necessary minerals to build and we are in this area for a long time and we offer prices and discounts Special client.

    Eyoon Dist, Al Madinah Al Munawarah

    • Mobile: 055-4492637
    • Mobile: 055-8071842
  • The Gulf Faynaq Establishment has been established in the beginning of the 2005 as a sister company to Gazlan establishment in western province to provide and satisfy the needs of eastern province of the BOR plus system and the multi-layers systems. The systems which manufactured by the German company UPONOR has been proved s ability to overcome the market. Our system are internationally recommended for under floor (Refrigeration and heating system); cold & hot water pipeline networks for both private and commercial buildings. For more than six years our products and works are gradually increased all around the Kingdom as owners, consultant and contractors as well as extremely satisfied in all aspects related to our products ans systems which clearly reflect the perfection of the western latest technology in the pumping field. We hope you will give us opportunity to serve you and to show which kind of quality we provide.

    Abu Hadriya St. , Khobar City, Dammam

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  • VISION AND STRATEGY We envision ourselves to be partners and catalysts in the booming economic growth and infrastructural development in the region. Alinma Steel was found on the idea of developing our beloved country and not only producing steel but to research, experiment and develop techniques to improve the classic steel production process and develop sustainable and high quality products. Philosophies put aside, we are working not only on being environmentally friendly but are introducing the concept of sustainable steel. We are investing all possibles means to introduce new production techniques and technologies that are beneficial to both our customers and our environment. MD's MESSAGE We would like to thank you for taking the time to browse through our simple pages. We are a fairly young yet well experienced steel producer based in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia. Our staff is composed of highly qualified and well seasoned Engineers, MBAs, Technicians and Steel Mill staff who are considered the best in their fields and eventually the foundations of our promised growth. We are strongly committed to quality and customer satisfaction. We take pride in proving the same every day when we start our production lines. We believe we will develop a brand and techniques that will with time, reform the steel industry. We have started small, dreaming big, and guarantee to deliver every thing we promise!​

    East Ring Road, Riyadh

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  • Saudi Advanced Industries Company (SAIC) established in 1987 as a Saudi joint stock company with the capital, 108 million Saudi riyals however in 2007 increased the capital to 432 million Saudi riyals and then in 2015 increased to 500 millions Saudi riyals . The aim of establishing the company is to help the private sector to participate in the industrial’s development in the Kingdom, and also to participate in the companies of the economic offset program and to import the advanced technologies to the Kingdom. since the company established its been participated with number of companies which is member of the Economic Offset Program, in addition to other industrial projects and has focused lately on the industries that have more competitive advantages such as the industries of petroleum, gas and petrochemical industries and manufacturing industries, construction materials and services associated with them. regarding to the company’s efforts to keep updated and focus on what happen in the economic events, we have reviewed the company’s strategy and reviewed the most important facts, that what lead us to developing a strategic to end with a plan for 2020 and we call it ” advanced in 2020 “the strategy include a number of goals that will be checked every year to make sure we are doing well and we are in the right track.

    2nd Floor, Jarir Plaza Building , Al Narges Dt., Riyadh

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  • 2nd Ring Road, King Abdullah Road, Al Madinah Al Munawarah

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  • Huttayn Dist., Riyadh

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  • Dhahran, Jubail sub-through, Dalah Industrial, Dammam

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  • Al Orouba St., Riyadh

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