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Animal & Poultry Feed In Saudi Arabia

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  • Fakieh Poultry Farms - Haed Office

    Aziziyah Street, Aziziyah Dist., Makkah

    Since its foundation nearly sixty years ago in the best spots of Mecca, Fakieh Farms has been committed to and recognized as granting the consumer of poultry meat that is characterized with a unique flavor and quality. Today it occupies a leading position among the giant projects in the Middle East, and is one of the largest integrated poultry projects in the world, as it gives the consumer healthy and fresh products at an affordable price.

    Category(s): Animal & Poultry Feed, Eggs, Poultry Farm & Equipment

  • Alyoum Chicken Co.

    Northern Ring Road, Al Ezdhar Dist., Riyadh

    Category(s): Animal & Poultry Feed, Poultry Farm & Equipment

  • Arasco Food Co. - Chcken Entaj (MFSCO solution)

    Prince Sultan St., Olaya Dist., Riyadh

    As a strategy focused organization, ARASCO has a clear vision and mission about its key role as a leading player in the field of food security. Based on its values, ARASCO is committed to the fact that it ignores any activity that has no comparative advantage with a far sighted outlook for the future. Our overall activities in all the SBUs are in line and complemented to each other resulting in achieving an operational excellence at all levels of the business. Accordingly our future is to undertake horizontal as well as vertical expansion in the existing and future plans. Our experience and highly capable workforce is our real capital in achieving our strategic goals.

    Category(s): Animal & Poultry Feed, Food Products, Marketing, Suppliers & Wholesalers, Foods Freezed,Dried, Manuf & Process, Poultry Farm & Equipment

  • Dijla Poultry Farms

    Industrial St., 1st Industrial City, Dammam

    Landmark Al Ebtikar Printing Press

    Dijla poultry Farm was established in 1985 under the umbrella of Matar Ajab Al Baqmi, Co which originated in 1977 . The head office is located in an 1st industrial city in Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , while the Farms stationed at Salasel Area , 80 kms far towards Riyadh city. Since then , the company has been continuously in business ,concentrating mainly in broiler hatching eggs , broiler chicks & broiler production .Dijla poultry is committed to providing the highest products as with its dedicated technical staff and working force of over a hundred employees , the company has managed to be one of the leading producers of quality broiler hatching eggs and day-old chicks . Every care and possible attention is implemented to comply with all relevant Saudi Arabian legal and safety, and promotes customer satisfaction for long term mutual benefits Dijla company , possesses high-tech poultry equipment and facilities , and managed by highly professional and experienced staff. This has contributed to the excellent performance & result of the company products to end-users , who consistently valued and appreciated this long-term business beneficial relationship. We believe that , so far, we have carved a very strong niche in Saudi market and partially in the region . Our capabilities are still fuelled to meet our ambitions and expectations to lead the business activities in this competitive market and to share in the global demands at larg

    Category(s): Animal & Poultry Feed, Eggs, Poultry Farm & Equipment

  • Saudi Agricultural Development Co. (SADCO Group)

    Suliman Al Hamadani St., Rabwa Dist., Riyadh

    SADCO Group approaches its fourth decade of providing quality products to health conscious consumers, we often look back at a proud heritage that began in 1974 and has made SADCO Group the largest egg producer in the Gulf. Today, SADCO Group has under its umbrella Saudi ِAgricultural Development Co. Ltd. Sahba Liquid Eggs Co. Ltd. GUFCO. Carton Products Co. Ltd. Saudi Poultry Co. Ltd

    Category(s): Animal & Poultry Feed, Eggs, Poultry Farm & Equipment

  • Wadi Valley Poultry Co.- Head Office

    Kharj Road, Riyadh

    Wadi Valley Poultry Co.- Head Office

    Category(s): Animal & Poultry Feed, Eggs, Poultry Farm & Equipment

  • Al Ghadeer Poultry Farms

    Hofuf, Al Hasa

    Thirty seven years old Flagship farms in business of producing Eggs. During this year Al-Ghadeer has gone from strength to strength and has become 280 million eggs producer in a year. Al-Ghadeer ranks among the top ten poultry farms in Gulf countries. With operations of producing High vitamins Eggs across Saudi Arabia, it offers a range of poultry products and services. Al-Ghadeer markets value added eggs with the intent to provide consumers with fresh, clean and hygienic packed eggs. Today, the company’s brand Ghadeer eggs are a household name in Saudi Arabia. Located in Al ashsa, approx. 350 kilometres from Riyadh within the Eastern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Al-Ghadeer Poultry project is the largest of its kind in the Eastern region. The Project operates covering an area of 200,000 square metres, at a cost of 150 million Saudi Riyals.

    Category(s): Animal & Poultry Feed, Eggs, Poultry Farm & Equipment

  • Abdullah Al Awofi Trading Est.

    Al Mehjar Dist., Jaddah

    Category(s): Animal & Poultry Feed

  • Abdullah Al Mutlaq Est.

    Al Mehjar Dist., Jaddah

    Category(s): Animal & Poultry Feed

  • Abdullah Saad Feeds Sales Est.

    Al Mehjar Dist., Jaddah

    Category(s): Animal & Poultry Feed

  • Aja Feeds Factory

    Makkah Road, Riyadh

    Category(s): Animal & Poultry Feed

  • Al Akhawain company

    Al Murab'a Dist., Riyadh

    Category(s): Animal & Poultry Feed

  • Al Mallouhi Feed Factory

    Shifa Dist., Riyadh

    Category(s): Animal & Poultry Feed

  • Al Moajil Feed Plant

    Dammam, Dammam

    Category(s): Animal & Poultry Feed