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Aluminium Products In Saudi Arabia

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  • Makkah Household Utensils Mfg. Co. Ltd.

    Al Hindawiah Dist., Jaddah

    A leading manufacturer of household utensils in Saudi Arabia since 1965. The company has the advantage of manufacturing and developing the best products of cooking utensils used in the home and the processing of confectionery shops, hotels and restaurants, using the finest types of healthy aluminum and high purity 99.8%. Makkah Factory for Household Housewares Ltd. produces household utensils that do not adhere to food under its reputable brand name locally and in Arabic "Neuflon" and are distributed inside Saudi Arabia through its distribution channel spread throughout several governorates and regions of the Kingdom and abroad through its agents And its authorized distributors in several Arab countries.

    Category(s): Aluminium Products, Home Appliances, Household - Utensils, Household & Kitchen Eqpt

  • Al Fadl Steel

    3th Floor, Serafi Mega Mall, Tahlyah St., Jaddah

    ALFADL STEEL FABRICATORS Alfadl Steel Fabricators was established in 2009 it's a sub company belongs to Alfadl Group it is Owned by Sheikh Mohammad Abdlgader Alfadl And Sheikh Hasan Abdulgader AlFadl our main Goals: To build a competitive well known name with good reputation in the Saudi Market To Be classified as a first Degree company To fabricate custom built steel for several industrial sectors Working hard to Get the Clients satisfaction and fulfill thier needs Honesty and dedication in work to finish on time is our major concern

    Category(s): Aluminium Products, Cleaning General, Contractors, Electroplating, Forgings, Steel Buildings & Structures, Steel & Iron


  • Asamco Aluminium Systems Factory

    Road 85 - Street 6, 2nd Industrial City, Dammam

    Since 1984, Asamco Aluminum Systems Factory has been a shining name in the field of wall facades, windows and doors of all kinds. Since then, its objective has been to focus on achieving the best international quality standards.

    And applying the best designs and sectors internationally adopted in the field of aluminum. As a result of these efforts and wise direction, the ASAMCO factory managed to attract a large segment of customers, which in a short period of time were classified from the private consumer category to the contractor and investor category, who, in turn, praised his name as a quality supplier both inside and outside the Kingdom.
    You can see our various products in different parts of the Kingdom built on luxury hotels, malls, complexes, private villas, luxury buildings and palaces, as well as our dealings with the major bodies, which led to our approval by Royal Commission, Aramco, Saudi Aramco, SABIC and SKICO. It is clear from ASAMCO to keep abreast of developments in the application of the highest level of quality on the one hand and relative craftsmanship in the service of customers in all categories on the other hand

    Category(s): Cladding and Installation of facades, Aluminium Products


  • Al Bitar Steel & Aluminium Factory

    Street 3 & 4 Intersection, 1st Industrial City, Dammam

    Landmark Khobar Highway

    Albitar factory is a wholly Saudi owned entity that was founded in 1974 in the First Industrial City, Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and is a leading provider which is dedicated to quality work and customer satisfaction. 

    Through our collaboration with a lot of clients, Albitar Factory offers a wide range of services in the field of glass, Aluminium, stainless steel, steel, automatic door projects and so on. 

    The nature of ِAlbitar factory services is not limited to any particular stream of work in the field of glass, Aluminium, stainless steel, steel, automatic doors. But has the ability to do a wide range of products.

    We are passionate about development and we share your commitment to learning. In all areas we are providing, our work is about unlocking hidden potentials and diversity is integral to everthing we do.

    Category(s): Aluminium Products, Contractors, Doors, Glass Assorted, Stainless Steel, Trade General

  • Techno Cladding Factory Co.

    Haron Al Rasheed Road, Al Sulay Dist., Riyadh

    Landmark Front Of Al Rajhi Stocks

    Category(s): Cladding and Installation of facades, Aluminium Products

  • 3D DOORS

    Khobar North, Al Khobar

    Category(s): Aluminium Products

  • Abarsan Aluminium Workshop

    Manfouha Dist., Riyadh

    Category(s): Aluminium Products

  • Abbas M. Al Suhafi Metal Industries Factory

    Jawharah Dist., Jaddah

    Landmark Jawharah District

    Category(s): Aluminium Products

  • Abdul Aziz Al Kamal Est.

    Imam Ali Street, Al Wesadah Dist., Qatif

    Category(s): Aluminium Products

  • Abdul Aziz Al Olayan Factory Co. For Aluminium

    Al Bald Dist., Khamis Mushait

    Category(s): Aluminium Products