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  • Boecker Public Health Co.

    King Abdul Aziz Road, Riyadh

    Boecker Public Health, the region’s largest Pest Management, Food Safety and Biosecurity services, provides World Class services for the most demanding commercial, food service and residential sectors. Founded in 1993, Boecker has been positioned as a renowned leader in the field of public health with a well founded expansion in the Middle East region operating in UAE, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and lately in Nigeria.

    Category(s): Accommodation - Residential, Chemicals, Contractors, Hospitals, Hotels, Hygiene Equipment & Services, Kitchen, Pest Control & Insecticides Services, Pest Control, Restaurants, Training


  • Banan Al Shamel Medical Complex

    Hijrah Dist., Al Madinah Al Munawarah

    1- The center provides special services for children's dental care and treatment using (Gas Laughing - Intelligent Anesthesia Machine) 2 - We also have follow-up cases of women and childbirth 3 - We offer all dental treatments including (dental lenses - Zircon combinations) 4. All young and adult emergencies are treated and we offer a range of safety analyzes for the entire body Supervised by the Medical Director: Dr. Mohammed Abdul Rahman Al - Humaidi the doctors Dr. Alaa Al Jarboua (Dentist) Dr.. Ayman Amer (Orthodontist) Dr.. Ammar Roshdy Dr.. Tariq Al-Jayyar (General Practitioner) Doctors Dr.. Faculty of Dentistry (Dentist) Dr.. Sanaa Al-Shaer (Vice-President of Women and Children)

    Category(s): Dispensaries & Medical Clinics, Hospitals

  • Dr.Saud Aljuhani Consultant Ophthalmology

    The Eye Consultants, Al Rowdah Dist., Jeddah

    Dr. Saud Aljuhani Consultant Ophthalmology

    Category(s): Dispensaries & Medical Clinics, Hospitals, Ophthalmologists


  • Dr. Amer General Medical Complex

    Madinah, Al Madinah Al Munawarah

    Dr. Amer General Medical Complex

    Category(s): Dispensaries & Medical Clinics, Hospitals

  • Al Muhaidib Medical Group

    King Fahd Road, Malaga dist., Riyadh

    Landmark Opposite the Saudi German Hospital

    Al Muhaidib Medical Group

    Category(s): Beauty Center, Dental Doctors & Clinics, Dental Equipment & Supplies, Denturists, Dispensaries & Medical Clinics, Hospitals, Medical Appliances & Equipment, Medical Technical Services

  • Al Hammadi Hospital

    Khalid Ibn Yazid Ibn Muawiyah, Ulaya Dist., Riyadh

    Category(s): Hospitals

  • Abdul Rhman Bakhsh Hospital

    Al Ja'amah Dist., Jeddah

    Category(s): Hospitals

  • Abdurehman Bakhsh Hospital

    Anas Bin Malek St., Sharafiyah Dist., Jeddah

    Category(s): Hospitals

  • Abqaiq General Hospital

    Al Madina Dist., Abqaiq

    Category(s): Hospitals

  • Abu Areesh Hospital

    Abu Arish, Jazan

    Landmark Abu Areesh

    Category(s): Hospitals

  • Abu Zinadah Hospital

    Hall St., Al Baghdadiyah Western Dist., Jeddah

    Category(s): Hospitals

  • Adama Hospital & Clinics

    Khurais Road, Sulaimaniyah Dist., Riyadh

    Landmark Opp. King Fahd Medical City

    Category(s): Dermatologists, Hospitals

  • Ahli HosPITAL

    Khamees Mushshet, Al Salam Dist., Khamis Mushait

    Category(s): Hospitals

  • Ajyad Hospital

    Ajyad Street, Makkah Al Mukramah, Makkah Al Mukarrmah

    Category(s): Hospitals

  • Al Adhwani Medical Hospital

    Faisaliyah Dist., Taif

    Category(s): Hospitals

  • Al Affary Hospital

    King Fahad Sub Rd., Sulaymaniyah Dist., Tabuk

    Category(s): Hospitals

  • Al Ahli Al Saudi Hospital

    Al Aziziah, Aziziyah Dist., Makkah Al Mukarrmah

    Category(s): Hospitals

  • Al Ahli Hospital

    Khlediyah Dist., Khamis Mushait

    Category(s): Hospitals

  • Al Ahsa Hospital

    Hofuf, Al Hasa

    Category(s): Hospitals