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شحن بحري وبري وجوي In Saudi Arabia

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  • Sultan Muhammad Zain Kadah Est for Customs Clearance and Transportation

    King Khalid Street, Al Hindawiah Dist., Jaddah

    نرحب بكم في مؤسسة سلطان محمد زين قدح للتخليص الجمركي والنقل , ويسعدنا ان نقدم لكم خدماتنا الاحترافية في مجال التخليص والنقل والتخزين وذلك عبر فريق عمل مدرب على تنفيذ العمليات اللوجستية المرتبطة بالاستيراد والتصدير , ونعلم اننا في سوق ذو تنافسية عالية ولكننا نتميز عن الجميع بالسرعة والانجاز والخبرة الطويلة لمنسوبي المؤسسة في خدمة عملائنا .....

    Category(s): Cargo Sea , Land & Air, Customs Clearance

  • Farnas Cargo Services

    Banu Malik Street, Jeddah, Jaddah

    Category(s): Cargo Sea , Land & Air

  • Al Naimi Group For Trading Services (Custom Clearance,Inte'l. Cargo, Transportation

    Al Menaa Street, Al Hindawiah Dist., Jaddah

    Landmark Near Riyadh Bank - Opposite Issam Ghabani Co.

    Category(s): Cargo Sea , Land & Air, Customs Clearance

  • Mousa Eid Office Trade & Services

    Office No. 201, 2nd. Floor, Al Subai'i Center, Al Baghdadiyah Western Dist., Jaddah

    Since the Office was established in Muse's trade and services in 1988, nearly twenty-seven years, Jeddah city, became our office one of the leading customs clearing offices, under the distinguished leadership of the Director-General Mr. Musa khy since the beginning of the establishment of our Office, and management is to provide outstanding services commensurate with the needs of our customers with full focus on customer satisfaction. Is

    Category(s): Cargo Sea , Land & Air, Customs Clearance, Storage, Transport Companies & Services

  • Al Awagi Customs Clearance

    Malaz Dist., Riyadh

    Al Awagi for Customs Clearance Riyadh: King Khalid International Airport Riyadh: Dry Port Dammam: King Abdul Aziz Port Companies – Establishments – Individuals We are pleased to serve you Clearance of goods Import-Export 1- Follow up the arrival of goods 2- Receiving the authorization of delivery from the shipping agents and recruitment from brokers. 3- Translate the commercial invoice, print the customs declaration and then prepare the transaction on the same day. 4- Follow-up procedures for detection & inspection. 5- Payment of customs duties and receipt of customs clearance (notification). 6- Transporting goods to customer warehouses throughout the Kingdom.

    Category(s): Cargo Sea , Land & Air, Customs Clearance

  • Al Jawad Tire Retreading Factory Co.

    Phase. 4. Street No. 121, Industrial Area, Jaddah

    Landmark Industrial License No. 2834

    Al Jawad Tire Retreading Company is a subsidiary of AL MADINAH COMPANY for COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES. It was founded in the year 2000. A relatively new player in the retread market but boosted by a team of highly skilled and experienced retread individuals.

    Al-Jawad Tire Retreading Factory is located in Phase 4 of Jeddah Industrial City. It was founded in the year 2000. At that time most of retreading factories were producing poor quality retreads which has resulted to a less enthusiastic response from prospective companies. They have destroyed the customer trust in Retreading. Al-Jawad through is existence works hard to rebuilt this trust and strive even harder to produce quality retread and deliver exceptional service.

    Al-Jawad commissioned its factory capitalizing on one single competitive advantage which is high quality retread. Now it is well known for its high retread quality. This competitive advantage rewarded Al-Jawad with a distinction of being the prime mover and a Market Leader in Saudi Arabia.

    All factory machineries were bought from and assembled by Italmatic S.R.L. of Italy a leading tire retread equipment manufacturer in Europe. Acquiring state of the art equipment put us in the cutting edge of our industry and helps us ensure production of high quality retread. Additionally, Al-Jawad is committed to use only High Quality Rubber Product in its retreading business. Currently it uses VIPAL Rubber Compounds importing from BRAZIL, VIPAL is a very famous and well know Retreading Rubber Compounds manufacturer in the Retreading world. And Supercool and Beluga GOODWAY Tread Rubber importing from Malaysia. GoodwayRubber Company is also a leading Rubber compounds manufacturer in Asia; they also produce Tread Rubber & Equipment for the retread industry.

    Al-Jawad Tire retreading company also has an OTR retreading line with the capacity to retread OTR Tires up to 51 inch rim size and capable of producing up to 3,600 Truck tires per month. During the past 9 years in operation Al Jawad has produced around 120,000 retread tires with the vast majority consisting of truck tires and others are forklift and OTR tires.

    Category(s): Cargo Sea , Land & Air, Concrete, Contractors, Heavy Equipment, Lubricants, Rubber, Tyre


  • Al Maweed Marine Services

    1st. Floor, Midhat SAheikh Al Ard Bldg., Price Mohammed Bin Fahad St., Al Rabiah Dist., Dammam

    Landmark Opposite to Al Rajhi Bank

    Category(s): Cargo Sea , Land & Air, Marine Consultants , Operations , Contractors & Naval Architects, Marine Machinery , Equipment , Supplies - Safety , Rescue & Docks, Steamship Agencies & Companies

  • Al Fassel Shipping Company

    Al Mena Street, Al Hindawiah Dist., Jaddah

    Category(s): Cargo Sea , Land & Air, Freight & Logistics

  • Al Fursan Express

    Old Makkah Road, Kilo 14, Jaddah

    Category(s): Cargo Sea , Land & Air

  • Al Ofi Establishment Int'l Freight Forwarders

    2nd Floor, Ba abood Building, king Khalid St., Mujammah, Jaddah

    Landmark Opposite Islamic port

    Category(s): Cargo Sea , Land & Air