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Air Conditioning Supplies & Parts - Whol & Mfrs , Tabuk City

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  • Loudi Est. For Aircondition

    King Abdulaziz Road - opposite the railway park., Tabuk City, Tabuk

    About the Lodi Foundation The company will study the technical adaptation projects and design and design a suitable air conditioning system for the building in terms of size, strength and number of units, as required by the building, and make the required extensions according to the design during the construction phase of the building. It can also design, manufacture and install air ducts . The company also carries out maintenance and repair of air conditioners through the maintenance center and spare parts. The company has a system of periodic maintenance of the air conditioning system with annual contracts. A team of skilled technicians with high efficiency carry out periodic preventive maintenance according to the schedule prepared for this. Continuously and efficiently without interruption and this reduces air conditioning failures and increases its life span.

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