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  • YFZ Elevators & Escalators Co.

    Madina Descending Road - Al Noor Commercial Center - 5th Floor, Mohamadeah Dist., Jeddah

    Exclusive agencies for a multiple well known Elevator brands, including Italian and Turkish companies, which their products are approved by the European Standards organization. All activities related to elevators such as design cabins with luxurious & Modern Designs. Elevators Installation with the latest technical equipment that includes installation of machine room above, machine room less (MRL), and Hydraulic Elevators. Moreover, YFZ elevators has extended their services by providing our clients with existing buildings with unique solutions to provide our customers Steel or Aluminum structure that is manufactured in Italy with no need to do Welding work on job sites and with no matter what is the available space with a less cost than the traditional concrete shafts and a life Time warranty. Hydraulic elevators Hydraulic elevators are elevators which are powered by a piston that travels inside a cylinders. An electric motor pumps hydraulic oil into the cylinder to move the piston. The piston smoothly lifts the elevator cab. Electrical valves control the release of the oil for a gentle descent. Hydraulic elevators are used extensively in buildings up to five of six stories high. Sometimes, but rarely, up to 8 stories high. Traction Elevators Geared and gearless traction elevators with machine room. Traction elevators are lifted by ropes, which pass over a wheel attached to an electric moto above the elevator shaft. They are used for mid and high-rise-applications and have much higher travel speeds than hydraulic elevators.

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  • Al Bilad Hotel

    Corniche, Mohamadeah Dist., Jeddah

    Category(s): Halls Wedding Parties, Hotels

  • Al Fares Tower Hotel Suites

    Mohamadeah Dist., Jeddah

    Category(s): Hotels

  • Sara Towers Hotel

    Mohamadeah Dist., Jeddah

    Category(s): Hotels

  • Sheraton Jeddah Hotel

    Mohamadeah Dist., Jeddah

    Category(s): Hotels