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  • Inma'a Al Osool Contracting Est.

    King Abdullah Road, Riyadh

    Category(s): Building Contractors

  • Saudi Construction Development Co. (SCDCO)

    King Abdullah Road, Riyadh

    Saudi Construction Development Co. (SCADCO), was founded in 1403 H in Riyadh city. Since that year, it practices all the works listed in its Commercial Registration; these works represent in the following: General Building Contracting. Maintenance, Operation and support services. Mech., Electrical works and related maintenance. Maintenance of parks and plants. Managing and operation of the sniff / detection dogs programs. Water & Sewage networks. The company is classified in all these fields. It carried out a number of achievements on the high quality lever; so that added a great experience in the practiced fields. The company is renown for its reliability in dealing with customers. The company capabilities are great financially. It has equipment, workshops, tech. / administrative and distinctive cadres; this qualifies it to achieve great projects relatively conforming to high quality levels. The most important sectors, the company works in are : contracting sector which we shall concentrate on in the profile where the attached schedules include the projects executed by the company; some of them are still under execution in this field. The company works in the works in the field of import and distribution of the food of pets; it markets the products of French Royal Canin Company for pets stuff foods. The company is the only and exclusive agent of this company in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Category(s): Building Contractors, Maintenance - General - Contractors & Services