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Hotels Riyadh , Jeyad Dist.

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  • Makkah Arak Hotel

    Jeyad Dist., Makkah Al Mukarrmah

    The Arab Resort Areas Company (ARAC) has been established as a Saudi joint stock company in 1417H – 1997Ad with a paid-up capital of SAR500.000.000 to take advantages of touristic attraction elements especially that Madina district has; and rest of Kingdom districts in general. ARAC is considered as one of the largest touristic companies in the Kingdom that has developed a sole & integrated touristic system in Al Madinah District through its giant projects; which managed by ARAC in/outside of Al Madinah District. ARAC Mission is to provide high quality tourism services that will satisfy our customers and benefit our share holders through commitment to improve our services and caring for our employees. ARAC Vision is to be tourist’s first choice The Arab Resort Areas Co. (ARAC) projects: - Tayba ARAC Suites - Al Majeedi ARAC Suites - Madina ARAC Inn Hotel - Makkah ARAC Hotel - Yanbua ARAC Resort - Ola ARAC Resort Other Touristic activities for ARAC - Aramas Al Madinah Hotel - Tayba International Tourism Agency - ARAC Office for Tourism Operation

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