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Dental Clinics & Doctors , Hamra Dist.

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  • Wahat Almas medical center

    Khaled Ibn Al Waleed Road, Hamra Dist., Riyadh

    Orthodontics is a specialty of jaw and teeth that is considered one of the basic dentistry branches. This science cares for natural growth of the face, jaws and teeth. It also includes the application of all preventive and early treatment measures, which aim to correct the relationship between jaws & teeth as well as forming a balance and harmony relationship between different facial structures, jaw and teeth. To achieve this, the orthodontist applies mechanical forces to the teeth and its jaw bases or takes advantage of the functional power represented in the underlying energy and the facial muscles in order to move the teeth and its bony bases towards a more convenient position both cosmetic and functional.

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  • Advanced Cosmetic and Dental Care

    Khaled Bin Al Waled St., Hamra Dist., Riyadh

    Healthy smile is a beautiful smile The idea of "UR Consultant" conceived around three years back. It's been our greatest aspiration to serve the people of Kingdom with a clinical setup equipped with advanced and latest technologies. And now the idea has come to fruition. We have set up super specialty patient care with keeping in mind the safest practice atmosphere which consists of seven dental clinics and a sterilization center to provide various dental services.

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  • Deemas Specialized Dentistey Complex.

    Khalid Bin Walid Street between exit 9-10, Hamra Dist., Riyadh

    The spread of health awareness among people has led them to pay attention to health in general and oral health and teeth in particular because it is the address of health and safety. The safety of the mouth and teeth have a clear impact on human safety on the one hand and instilling confidence in the other. Hence, it was our turn to establish the Dimas Specialized Center for Medicine, Orthodontics and Implantology, which includes a group of Saudi and non-Saudi specialists and consultants, who have received high degrees from the most prestigious American and European universities, keeping in mind prevention, care and treatment within the framework of scientific expertise and knowledge

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  • Cidic Clinic

    King Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz Rd, Hamra Dist., Riyadh

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