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Education Institutes & Services , Al Wazarat Dist.

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  • Tatweer Co. for Educational Services

    Al Wazarat Dist., Riyadh

    Tatweer Company for Educational Services (T4edu) is a Saudi company- wholly owned by the government. It was founded on May 18, 2012 to be a subsidiary of Tatweer Education Holding Company. T4edu is a leading company in the field of education development inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond. It provides innovative solutions that enable children and youth to access optimal education in the 21st century. T4edu seeks to work with the Ministry of Education to comprehensively develop the educational system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It also seeks to provide the students with knowledge and skills that enable them to achieve optimal success within an international economic and cognitive range. This phase is led by the National Strategy for public education development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia prepared by the Ministry of Education. The Strategy’s top priority is education where it also has a consistent set of rules and programs that work for accomplishing the vision. T4edu is the exclusive executor of the programs and projects of the Strategic Plan for public education development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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