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مقاولون , Al Aridh Dist.

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  • ِِAlslamah Golden Contracting Co.

    Al Aridh Dist., Madinah

    Golden Safety Contracting Company was established in 1430 AH (2009 AD), in response to the developments of the era and the remarkable growth witnessed by the urban renaissance and construction sector in Saudi Arabia. The company is headquartered in Medina - Saudi Arabia. Record growth rates have been achieved and the company has been ranked among the top rated companies due to the respect of the work and the recognized excellent service which was synonymous with speed and adherence to schedules and standards and above all was the main reason for the success of the company In addition to the directives of the Director General of the company Sheikh Sulaiman Haj Ali on the need to adhere to work and strengthen God in any work we do, all of which contributed to the support and development of qualified and specialized human cadre consisting of a number of engineers, technicians and workers of all construction and architectural specialties, infrastructure work and follow-up developments In the areas of work permanently. The company's work includes the following main functions: - General contracting for buildings (construction, demolition, restoration, repair). - Development of private housing plans at a high level of accuracy and professionalism. - Study and planning. - Construction of roads and dams. - Lighting, electricity and telephone works. - Sanitation and water works. - Construction, cladding and decoration works

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