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  • To meet the expectations of our clients, shareholders, and employees. Our principle is to create superior value projects for our respected clients, and community through delivering the highest level of construction. We flourish to present our clients with the latest construction building methods through our various professional teams that are dedicated to ensuring the unlimited support in designing, planning, and executing any project

    Imam Shafie Street, Khurais Road, Riyadh

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  • Boecker Public Health, the region’s largest Pest Management, Food Safety and Biosecurity services, provides World Class services for the most demanding commercial, food service and residential sectors. Founded in 1993, Boecker has been positioned as a renowned leader in the field of public health with a well founded expansion in the Middle East region operating in UAE, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and lately in Nigeria.

    King Abdul Aziz Road, Riyadh

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  • Asia Metals was established in 2010 in Saudi Arabia, in the field of general contracting manufacturing and build up pre-engineered steel building consists of columns, rafters, bracing ,or as specified and continued to bid for another branch for trading to meet the increasing demand for high quality steel products used in construction, And to support infrastructure in Saudi Arabia. The interest of Asia metals in detail in all aspects of metals, procurement, manufacturing or after-sale services is one of its first priorities. Steel is imported strictly according to international standards and complies with the requirements of the Saudi Organization for Standardization and Metrology, in addition to the continuous modernization and technological expansion. Global quality sold in domestic market

    Madinah Road, Old Industrial, Riyadh

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  • COMATEC is a general contracting company specialized in the execution and management of telecom and construction projects. We provide our clients with comprehensive integrated solutions including project management, facility management, and maintenance services to sustain successful, long-term partnerships. VISION To proficiently adopt innovative technologies in the execution of our projects through the employment of effective systems that entail environmental solutions, renewable & clean energy services, and green buildings in construction and telecommunication projects. MISSION We strive to serve our clients with high quality standards in Construction & Telecom Projects and provide them with advanced technologies and integrated solutions in facility management. We also aspire to achieve high level of client satisfaction, retain our loyal clients, build satisfying careers for our people, and earn a fair return on the value we deliver.

    Ulaya Dist., Riyadh

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  • Behind Toyota Showroom, Kharj Road, Riyadh

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  • Our business was established in Riyadh in mid 2003 as an American investment with a capital of 2,000,000.00 Saudi Riyals. We started by dividing our business into two categories, one that deals with general contracting, and the other was aimed to specialize in safety.

    Hall No. 5, King Fahd Road, Riyadh

    Landmark South of the Ministry of Interior Al jeraisy Building

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  • Specialized in the production of Silica sand powder corresponding to the chemical & physical specifications of various industries. Sand-free of impurities, the ratio of silica is very high.

    Exit 18, Al Manakh Dist., Riyadh

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  • Ceramics Contractors Marble & Granite Swimming Pool

    Al Sahaffa Dist., Riyadh

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  • The Metal World Co. Ltd. Was established in Saudi Arabia in 1994 as a specialist center in the field of design, manufacture, supply and installation of stainless steel works & different kinds of iron with our experience since 1986. The department of decoration iron works considered as one of the most important sections in the factory. The factory has reached about 6500 square meters, which makes it one of the strongest factories in Saudi Arabia to produce decorated iron & stainless steel, including doors, productive windows and handrails in various designs.

    Shifa Dist., Riyadh

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  • Al Sulay Dist., Riyadh

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  • Professional Cleaning Service - Professional Maintenance Service - Hospitality Service - Landscaping Service - Pest Control Service

    Al Madinah Al Munawwarah Rd, Al Badeia'ah Dist., Riyadh

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  • Contracting field in the kigdom had great experience in the field of building because of great building movement in the kingdom and its neighbors. The big building business enabled the large competition in contracting business, building and construction meeting increasing clients needs for housing units and real estate and commercial projects. And the grace of God and then fixed steps of Al Rajhi For Building & Construction joined the competition business under the name of Rose Co. for building and construction in 1432 H. to open developing horizons professionally and honestly in the field of contracting. During this long successful and continuous developing. Al Rajhi For Building & Construction implemented several construction project for both of governmental sector and private sector in addition to bank field and private projects for individuals.

    Imam Moslim Cross, Siteen Stress, Badr Dist., Riyadh

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  • Who we are as an establishment is a result of strategic choices that we have made, we contribute to improving the constructional movement & to develop it, through executing many different government and commercial projects. Our aim is to raise the level of services provision & we have succeeded through providing a qualified staff & modern techniques which have contributed to realizing the objectives of our establishment, that qualifies us to compete in skillfully & with high planning to achieve our vision.

    Sulaimaniyah Dist., Riyadh

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  • We have begun to work hard for years in order to satisfy our customers to meet their needs of the artificial turf for playgrounds, parks and resorts with different specifications and prices affordable for everyone and ensuring 7 years. We have specialized in the supply and installation of artificial turf specially for stadiums, universities, schools and parks. We Sole Agents for the largest factories in China We are also ready to import any particular specifications at affordable prices. In addition to that, we have a national rugs and importer from (China –Turkey - Kuwait - Belgium), of all colors and formats, we have met your requirements of offices brushes (flooring) and we have English felt, wood and the specified iron for carpeting mosques. we have the ability to supply to all government and private projects.

    Prince Salman Industrial, Riyadh

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  • Al Dabab St., Riyadh

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  • Al-Rashid Trading & Contacting Company (Closed Joint Stock Company) was established in 1957 and expanded vigorously in the field of contracting. RTCC was awarded with contracts to build numerous houses, college campus, medical centers, infrastructure, water supply works, and railway project from renowned clients.

    Al Ma'azer Dist., Riyadh

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  • EMADCO INTERNATIONAL GROUP وأمطارالجنوب للمقاولات المهندس/عماد

    Malaz Dist., Riyadh

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  • Safari Mission "Continue growth and expansion relying on the top human expertise, the best technical and information technology, maintain the highest international safety standards to achieve a brighter future"

    Al Manar Quarter, Riyadh

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  • Al Saghyir Trading & Contracting Co, was founded in 1970 with the aim of supporting urban growth in KSA and providing projects for public and private sector, in addition to local clients with the best services in the field of contracting. Al Saghyir takes gradual steps to solidify its position amongst major construction corporate in KSA. It was due to support of the Almighty Allah's and efforts exerted by corporate directors with effective and positive collaboration with administrative and technical staff for the interest of the company. The Company continues to keep pace with urban growth and development of resources, competencies, and experiences required for renaissance and development of our beloved KSA. The Company has been amended into a joint stock company in accordance with shareholders' desire to greatly participate in the fortunate urban growth witnessed all over KSA's provinces. Since then, the company has been experiencing rapid growth along with successive developments of our nation in light of constant support of our government under the wise leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, may Allah protect and support him

    Malaz Dist., Riyadh

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  • Overview Since established in 1976G/1397H Haif has been providing comprehensive solutions and services to its clients throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With well-developed expertise the company managed to expand from mere construction of buildings to a multi businesses company with activities ranging from investments to hotel management to hospitality furnishing and sizable specialized divisions covering the fields of factories, interior design , construction, contracting as well as animal and plantation farms. The company employs over 8000 highly qualified employees working collectively to achieve the company's objectives. History Haif company was established in 1976G/1397H to contribute to the construction of building sector. In the beginning of 1990’s Haif Contracting has witnessed the development of new specialized divisions working under the flagship company to accommodate the new diversified business objectives. Today, Haif is a large company capable of delivering large high quality projects in a timely manner. The company's dedication and partnership with international companies and organizations has leveraged its ability to maintain higher levels of business practice through cutting edge technologies. No wonder that Haif has been able to crown it successes by receiving many recognition certificates and awards as well as being classified by the Classification Department at the Municipalities and Rural affairs Ministry as a pioneering Contracting & Trading Company in the fields of buildings, roads and rock-blasting, water and sewerage, electricals, mechanicals, electronics, landscape and dams. Haif also contributes considerably to the industrial activities in the fields of ready mix concrete , crushers , asphalt and steel wo

    Intersection of Makkah Road and King Fahd Road, Ulaya Dist., Riyadh

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