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Contractors In Saudi Arabia

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  • Abdul Hadi H. Taher & Partners Co. Ltd. ( C.I.C. )

    Khalid Bin Al Waleed St., Jeddah

    Abdulhadi Hassan Taher & Partners Co. Ltd. CIC, founded by the late Eng. Khaled Taher, is a part of the Aal Taher group, one of Saudi Arabia’s major private sector organizations specializing in the manufacture of construction chemicals. CIC had been established in 1981 in collaboration with one of the famous French company Lafarge members. Afterwards, the founder, using his vision and resources, decided to create his own product range to meet the burgeoning demands of a fast growing economy fueled by the oil boom. CIC is an ISO 9000 certified company since 1998, and up to date with the latest quality assurance issues. Our position as a market leader, for over 35 years, is based upon the strong foundations of focused customer service and manufacturing excellence reaching customer satisfaction. Our mission is to achieve excellence in the construction chemicals industry by keeping abreast the latest research and technological advances in the field, as well as well as meeting the particular needs of Saudi & Middle East markets. CIC head office is located in Jeddah, with customer service facilities, showrooms and warehouses throughout the Kingdom, including branches in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Madina, Makkah, Yanbu and Tabuk. CIC manufactures and supplies the following products throughout Saudi and all over the Middle East and GCC countries:

    Category(s): Building Materials, Chemicals, Contractors


  • Al Zahrani Group Companies

    Jeddah, Jeddah

    We import and export fruit and vegetables with capital and share it with us You have the option to sell them or we sell them to you in the local market via The company's points of sale and share earnings per month The lowest amount of investment in fruit and vegetables is 15 thousand riyals and you get profits at different rates

    Category(s): Contractors, Real Estate Development & Management Companies, Fruit & Vegetable, Import & Export Agencies, Trade General

  • Technical Agencies Co. Ltd.

    Technical Agencies Company Building, Palestine Street, Al Hamrah Dist, Jeddah

    Category(s): Ceramics, Contractors, Sanitary Products


  • Al Fadl Steel

    3th Floor, Serafi Mega Mall, Tahlyah St., Jeddah

    ALFADL STEEL FABRICATORS Alfadl Steel Fabricators was established in 2009 it's a sub company belongs to Alfadl Group it is Owned by Sheikh Mohammad Abdlgader Alfadl And Sheikh Hasan Abdulgader AlFadl our main Goals: To build a competitive well known name with good reputation in the Saudi Market To Be classified as a first Degree company To fabricate custom built steel for several industrial sectors Working hard to Get the Clients satisfaction and fulfill thier needs Honesty and dedication in work to finish on time is our major concern

    Category(s): Aluminium & Aluminium Products, Cleaning General, Contractors, Electroplating, Forgings, Steel Buildings & Structures, Steel & Iron


  • Al Jawad Tire Retreading Factory Co.

    Phase. 4. Street No. 121, Industrial Area, Jeddah

    Landmark Industrial License No. 2834

    Al Jawad Tire Retreading Company is a subsidiary of AL MADINAH COMPANY for COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES. It was founded in the year 2000. A relatively new player in the retread market but boosted by a team of highly skilled and experienced retread individuals.

    Al-Jawad Tire Retreading Factory is located in Phase 4 of Jeddah Industrial City. It was founded in the year 2000. At that time most of retreading factories were producing poor quality retreads which has resulted to a less enthusiastic response from prospective companies. They have destroyed the customer trust in Retreading. Al-Jawad through is existence works hard to rebuilt this trust and strive even harder to produce quality retread and deliver exceptional service.

    Al-Jawad commissioned its factory capitalizing on one single competitive advantage which is high quality retread. Now it is well known for its high retread quality. This competitive advantage rewarded Al-Jawad with a distinction of being the prime mover and a Market Leader in Saudi Arabia.

    All factory machineries were bought from and assembled by Italmatic S.R.L. of Italy a leading tire retread equipment manufacturer in Europe. Acquiring state of the art equipment put us in the cutting edge of our industry and helps us ensure production of high quality retread. Additionally, Al-Jawad is committed to use only High Quality Rubber Product in its retreading business. Currently it uses VIPAL Rubber Compounds importing from BRAZIL, VIPAL is a very famous and well know Retreading Rubber Compounds manufacturer in the Retreading world. And Supercool and Beluga GOODWAY Tread Rubber importing from Malaysia. GoodwayRubber Company is also a leading Rubber compounds manufacturer in Asia; they also produce Tread Rubber & Equipment for the retread industry.

    Al-Jawad Tire retreading company also has an OTR retreading line with the capacity to retread OTR Tires up to 51 inch rim size and capable of producing up to 3,600 Truck tires per month. During the past 9 years in operation Al Jawad has produced around 120,000 retread tires with the vast majority consisting of truck tires and others are forklift and OTR tires.

    Category(s): Cargo Sea , Land & Air, Concrete, Contractors, Heavy Equipment, Lubricants, Rubber, Tyre


  • Amer for Contracting & Pledges Est.

    Sharafiyah Dist., Jeddah

    We are Amer Establishment for Contracting and Contracting We have iron and bakels as per request We have the honor to serve you request and inquire on the following telephone 0568068238 Working hours from 9 am to 5 pm

    Category(s): Contractors, Recycled Products - Paper, Plastic Etc, Stainless Steel, Steel Buildings & Structures, Steel & Iron, Steel Reinforcing - (Anti-Rust)


  • Saalim Ahmed Bin Ishaq Est.

    Jeddah Towers Buildings, Othman Ibn Afan St., Sharafiyah Dist., Jeddah

    نبذه عن موسسه سالم احمد بن اسحاق نتشرف لتقديم نبذه عن موسستنا , التى تعتبر احدى المؤسسات الرائده في المملكه العربيه السعوديه في مجال الامن والسلامه واطفاء الحريق حيث تكمن خبرتنا في هذا المجال لمده تزيد عن 35 عام . حيث اننا نعمل في مجال مكافحه الحريق والانذار المبكر ضد الحريق ومعدات الامن والسلامه , وقد قمنا بتنفيذ مشروعات كبيره مثل المستشفيات والمول والمصانع والمبانى الاداريه والمستودعات والمبانى السكنيه والابراج في معظم انحاء المملكه حيث ان لدينا 4 فروع (جده – مكه المكرمه – المدينه المنوره – تبوك ) تغطى مشاريع في معظم انحاء المملكه . هذا يمنحنا الثقه على التاكيد على ان موسسه سالم احمد بن اسحاق تعتبر من المؤسسات الاكثر انتشاراوالاوفر خبره متخصصه في هذا المجال , اذا انها تمتاز عن بقيه المؤسسات بالتكامل في انظمه مكافحه وانذار الحريق من حيث التصميم والتوريد والصيانه والتركيب واختيار فاعليه النظام والاشراف . كل ذلك حسب المواصفات الدوليه والمحليه المطلوبه من العملاء والتى تتماشى مع وضع مشاريعنا . اذا لدينا قسم يختص بصيانه اجهزه مكافحه الحريق وجميع انواع طفايات الحريق وهو معد باحدث الاجهزه والامكانيات اللازمه لهذا الغرض . مما يمكننا من تلبيه احتياجات الصيانه الملحه لارسال مهندسين وفنيين متخصصين حال الطلب . المهام الاساسيه للمؤسسه : * تقديم استشارات الامن والسلامه للجهات الحكوميه والقطاع الخاص "شركات وافراد" * تنفيذ نظام الاطفاء ومكافحه الحريق التلقائيه , بالاضافه الى نظام مكافحه الحرائق في غرف التجهيزات والمواد الكيماويه . (CO2 – FM200) والتجهيزات الالكترونيه المعتمده في اطفاء حرائقها على الغازات * الاشراف كاستشارى لمشاريع السلامه المطلوب تنفيذها وتسليمها للجهات المعينه ومتابعه التصديقات مع هذه الجهات كالبلديات والدفاع المدنى فيما يخص السلامه فقط . * القيام باعمال الصيانه قيما يخص معدات الامن والسلامه (اطفاء حريق – انذار حريق ) والتعاقد وفق عقد سنوى او مقطوع سواء بتقديم الجانب الفنى او قطع الغيار . بعض عملاؤنا : شركه تويوتا (عبد اللطيف جميل ) - مصر للطيران – مستشفى الحرس الوطنى – وزاره التعليم – شركه بن زقر مجموعه هايبر بندا ماركت – مصنع امريكانا للحوم – مصنع التوفيق للبلاستيك – شركه الجميح للسيارات – شركه كنان – جامعه الملك عبد العزيز – مصنع اولكر – شركة المنتجات الحديثة للحفائظ الصحية – مستشفى دكتور عبدالرحمن بخش

    Category(s): Contractors, Fire Control, Protection & Equipment, Security & Safety Control Systems


  • Sondos Al Khair Group for Elevators

    Aziziyah Dist., Jeddah

    Category(s): Contractors, Elevator & Escalators


  • Zain Western Trading Est.

    Siteen st., Jeddah

    ZAIN WESTERN TRADING ESTABLISHMENT Specializing In The Field Of Supplying And Selling Test Equipment And Public Private Contractors , For Laboratory . To Examine The Soil, Concrete, Asphalt, Aggregates, And Parallel Precision And Industrial , And As A Specialist In The Field Of Enterprise Hardware Maintenance And Inspection, Calibration, And Is Pleased To Provide Its Services To All Cities In The Kingdom, Noting That The Branch President In The Province Of Jeddah. Zain Western, Not An Old Name In The Business Of Selling Test Equipments And Proved Its Worth And Reputed To Our Customers In The Kingdom Bosses Are The Same Customers Who, Won Their Satisfaction With Our Service And Treated First. Of Our Customers To Mention But A Few Safco – Unibeton - SAPAC - Jack - Saad Al-Massad - Saud Assa'edi - Arab Lab – Algurair - Mohammed Bin Laden - Arab Austrian - Sinoma Chinese -, MTL , OMEX… And Many Others , ACTS Senior Companies And Factories In The Kingdom

    Category(s): Architectural & Construction, Asphalt & Asphalt Products, Calibration Systems & Services, Cement , Gypsum, Concrete Precast, Constructions Equipment & Machinery Suppliers, Contractors, Gauges & Gages (equipment & Instruments), Industrial - Services & Testing, Laboratories - General, Laboratories - Metal & Mining, Laboratories - Testing, Laboratory Consultants, Laboratory Equipment & Supplies, Mason Contractors Equipment & Supplies, Ovens - Industrial, Paving Equipment , Contractors & Materials, Physiotherapy Equipment, Pressure Vessels & Gauges, Road & Service, Scales, Soil Investigation, Soil Testing Equipment , Conservation Services & Investigation Equipment & Testing Services, Testing & Measuring Instruments, Thermometers


  • First Class for General Contracting

    Jeddah, Jeddah

    Landmark Prince Sultan St., North of the History R/A Sultan Towers next to Apple Bis the second floor

    Our vision is to fulfill our responsibility to our customers, to be leaders and leaders in our business, and to know in our business that we are the best.

    Category(s): Contractors


  • Tersana General Contracting Co

    Jeddah, Jeddah

    تعتبر شركة الترسانة للمقاولات العامة هي إحدى الشركات الرائدة بالمملكة العربية السعودية في مجال المقاولات البحرية ويشمل ذلك أعمال التكريك والحفر لتعميق وتوسيع وتنظيف الممرات الملاحية، تركيب الأرصفة البحرية العائمة وكاسر ( حاجز) الأمواج وكذلك انشاء احواض رفع السفن ... إلخ .

    Category(s): Contractors, Marine & Offshore - Communication Services, Marine Machinery , Equipment , Supplies - Safety , Rescue & Docks, Ship Chandlers


  • Al-Jalasi Est.

    King Fahd Street (Al Steen), Bab Makkah Dist., Jeddah

    Landmark Beside Al Bald Station

    Al Jalsi - Construction Material Division was formed with a vision to provide quality products and services of highest standard to the clients from its network of world-wide offices, leveraging on the expertise of the principals who are market leaders in their respective fields

    Category(s): Blowers Electric Motors, Building Materials, Contractors, Electric Equipment, Supplies & Spare Parts - Whol & Mfrs, Heavy Equipment, Home Appliances, Industrial Equipment, Supplies & Spare Parts, Medical Equipment Suppliers


  • Afaq Al Manzel Contracting Est.

    Rouwais Dist., Jeddah

    Afaq-Almanzil is a construction company headquartered at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Its one of the leading construction company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia backed by 25 years of experience in the industry. 25 years of experience in the industry Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest level of quality construction services at fair and competitive prices, ensure its longevity through repeat and referral business achieved through customer satisfaction, and maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in its relations with suppliers, subcontractors, associates and customers. Collectively, Afal al-Manzil team has gained significant design-build and construction management experience as part of our career portfolios. Our work has involved construction of mission critical facilities, multi-Billion dollar budgets and Fortune 500 clients across a variety of market sectors. Equally important, we have successfully delivered thousands of smaller-scale renovations and capital improvements around the country and internationally.

    Category(s): Contractors


  • Mohammed Abdullah All Humaidan Factory

    Industrial Area, Jeddah

    Paper Core | Stretch Film | Tape

    Category(s): Contractors, Pipes Products & Services


  • Jeddah Company for Development and Urban Development

    Rouwais Dist., Jeddah

    Jeddah Development & Urban Regeneration Co. (JDURC) is a stated-owned company, represented by Jeddah Province Municipality and Public Investment Fund. JDURC is working on realizing the vision of the Jeddah Province Municipality to strengthen the unique position of the Municipality to be a gateway for the two holy mosques and to be a cultural centre for Islamic culture and a commercially and environmentally distinct tourist destination.

    Category(s): Contractors

  • Saudi Contracting & Plants Co (Salco)

    Al Hamrah Dist, Jeddah

    Saudi Contracting & Plants Co (salco)

    Category(s): Contractors, Flowers Artificial & Natural

  • ِAusemat Alnoor Est.

    Faisaliyah Dist., Jeddah

    Ausemat Alnoor Est. Has started its activities since it was established in 1426H in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is one of the leading private sector institutions providing high quality services in general contracting and specialized construction works for private and public establishments, equipments of various forms, schools, And the work of berms and umbrellas Specialized laboratories, sound and heat insulation walls, prefabricated buildings, installations, engineering finishes, excavation works, extensions and supply of raw materials

    Category(s): Awnings, Contractors

  • A R M Holdings Ltd. Co.

    Prince Mutab St., Aziziyah Dist., Jeddah

    Category(s): Contractors