About Daleeli - Local Search Engine in KSA


Al Wahda Express Saudi LLC is a subsidiary of Al Wahda Express Group of companies in the United Arab Emirates (1986), Egypt (1991), Saudi Arabia (2003), Turkey (2007) and Palestine (2007). It is the leading group specializing in issuance of commercial directories for business sector in print and electronic products for more than 25 years in addition to that, it is a member of the Yellow Pages Association (www.ypassociation.org). Whose current name became Local Search Association (www.localsearchassociation.org), since Monday 18/04/2011 in Las Vegas - USA.

In mid of 2003G, Al Wahda Express Saudi had started establishing its offices spread in Saudi Arabia in each of Riyadh (the Headquarters), Jeddah, Khobar, Madinah and Abha. At that time, Al Wahda Express Saudi started issuance of the Yellow Pages directory for Saudi Telecom Company (STC) since 2005G up till 2009G with five consecutive years editions (2005), (2006/2007), (2007/2008), (2008/2009) and (2009/2010), represented in printed directory, CD and website. Al Wahda Express Saudi is employing about 75 employees distributed over its different departments which include: Executive Management, Sales Department, Publishing Department, Administrative & Legal Affairs Department, Financial Department and Support Services Department (Distribution / Marketing / Exhibitions).


In 2010, Al Wahda Express Saudi Co. has developed its business and has produced the Saudi Directory for All Business and Services "Daleeli" (2010/2011) and (2011/2012), which is considered the most widespread directory, covering all commercial, industrial and service business sectors in the Kingdom. The company is issuing, printing, marketing as well as distributing the directory free of charge. The Directory is issued in eight editions in Arabic and English, Central Region, Western Region and Eastern Region (separate version in Arabic and another in English). For the Northern Region and Southern Region, it is (separate combined version in Arabic and English). Currently, Al Wahda Express Saudi is working on issuing the directory in four printed books, starting from the 8th Issue (2012/2013).The first and the second for the Central & Eastern regions, Qassim and Hail. One book will be in Arabic language, and the second one will be in English. The third and fourth book will be for Western, Northern and Southern regions, one will be in Arabic language and the second in English to facilitate searching process for users, and emphasize & enhance the advertisers by increasing the geographical scope of spread of their ads in printed directories.

These directories will be distributed over business & services categories in Companies, Corporations, Factories, Hotels, Governmental Sectors, Embassies & Consulates and to limited category of Houses & Residential Compounds, in addition to delivery service with some local newspaper subscribers, and to their highness the princes, ministers  and VIPs. Also the company provides directory order service on the internet locally & globally, as it is keen to ensure directory access to largest segment of users either from inside or outside the kingdom.  


In 01/10/2010G, Al Wahda Express Saudi launched the directory search service through the entirely developed website (www.Daleeli.com). This website is characterized with its very high technology at the Middle East level. Some of its features are the Sophisticated Methodology of the Search Logic, Indexing System, the Search Engine Optimization System, the Text Prediction feature and Programming & Updating Operating System. This website became one of the most important search sites specialized in business and services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the number of visitors (Buyers) exceeded 3 million users per year...


Al Wahda Express Saudi LLC also provides Daleeli Mobile Search service, which enables the use of search service through all mobile phones all over the world in addition to special software for iPhone devices. This service can be used easily by going directly to the website “Daleeli.com” or by downloading the special application (KSA Directory) at App Store