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  • Z Cube 3D Creatives was established in 2015 by Saudi entrepreneurs to provide 3D printing solutions for many sectors including education, architecture, medical, industrial and many other. We can offer the following solutions: - 3D Printers Sales and Maintinance including desktop 3D printers such as MakerBot and professional fully colored 3D printers such as Mcor printers. - 3D Printing Services including objects modeling using famously 3D applications like 3D Max, Sketch, Rhino and many others. We are following industry best practices to model objects that are 3D printable friendly. We are offering a variety of materials for printing such as PLA plastic, plastic powder, papers, risen and many others in nearest future. - 3D Training we are in the process of developing targeting course for happiest and professionals. This include using 3D printers and modeling 3D objects in the state of art 3D modeling applications.

    Street 183, Jubail Industrail Area, Jubail

    • Mobile: 050-2230250
  • South Kingdom Tower, Ulaya Dist., Riyadh

    • Universal Access Number: 9200-11373
    • Phone: 011-4622927
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  • Eng. Marwan Mohammed Saeed Noor Office was established before 11 years ago, specializing in design, providing of studies, supervision and interior & exterior decoration. We always aiming to contribute in the development of architectural style, and to be strongly committed to accuracy of work & quality of implementation, taking into account the work delivered on schedule and provide our customers with innovatived technical consultancy and solutions. Moreover, the office is keen to provide competitive quotations accompanied with high quality, accuracy of works, and full commitment to professional ethics. We always strive to design Architectural buildings with modern style. We always committed to providing what is unique in our field, and continuously looking forward a better future.

    Sultana Street, Sultanah, Al Madinah Al Munawarah

    • Phone: 014-8555556
    • Phone: 014-8552555
    • Fax: 014-8552555
  • ARTMADE is a company whose core foundation is about establishing the right partnerships that allow us to achieve both individual and corporate goals. We are an international consultancy firm that specialises in providing a high quality, bespoke service that is recognised and trusted globally within our areas of expertise; architecture, engineering, project management & education. ARTMADE also has a strategic partnership division that focuses on the introduction of corporate clients , providing a link for companies interested in embarking on mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures or corporate connections. With our extensive European and global network, we have individuals and companies to suit all business objectives.

    Forth Floor, Al Salam Commericacal Tawar, King Fahd Road - Opist Al Riyadh Galary, Ulaya Dist., Riyadh

    • Phone: 011-4650202
    • Mobile: 056-5115429
    • Fax: 011-4650202
  • Our Objectives to provide outstanding architectural planning‭,‬ And engineering services in construction field‭.‬ Innovators has successfully completed many prestigious Projects in saudi Arabia‭ & ‬abroad to the full satisfaction of its Clients in the private‭, ‬public and government sectors‭.‬

    King Abdulah Street, Sharafiyah Dist., Jeddah

    • Phone: 012-6503320
    • Fax: 012-6500345
  • King Fahad Road, Sulaymaniyah Dist., Tabuk

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    • Phone: 014-4231980
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  • Anti Corrosion Natural heat insulating Sound proof Fire rated Outstanding durability Poly Fiber & Janti Sheet High-tech & Eco Slate made by eco-friendly materials

    Ishbiliyah Business Centre, Rouwais Dist., Jeddah

    • Phone: 012-6579854
    • Phone: 012-6145094
    • Mobile: 050-7000712
  • Al Dar Engineers Is an engineering office specialized in interior and exterior architectural design, architectural, construction and electrical supervision. Applying mechanical designs according to distinct technical standards by attracting technical staff specialist on the level of expertise and creativity, where the office includes an integrated constellation of specialists in this field. Engineer Ali: 0537600086

    King Fahad Rd., Ghurnatah Dist., Dammam

    • Phone: 013-8829010
    • Fax: 013-8820989
  • Al Wabran Consultant Engineering Office was established more than 25 years ago and specialized in engineering design and supervision for all types of projects, also provide customers technical consultations and Innovative Solutions reach the desired goal. And buildings with beautiful nature, taking into account reduce the cost of buildings by good study and the use of modern and appropriate design programs. Mob.: 0500692015

    3rd Floor, Bin Zager Building, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Rd., Khobar Southern, Al Khobar

    • Phone: 013-8932514
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  • Office was established for more than fifteen years majoring in engineering consulting work and the preparation of distinctive architectural designs through a distinguished group of engineers in all engineering specialties and enables the office during the period preceding the formation of an integrated team with all the different branches of engineering.

    King Khalid St. Cross 19, Khobar North, Al Khobar

    • Phone: 012-8670358
    • Fax: 013-8187928
  • Borj Al Arab Engineering Consultants Company is an existing engineering facility, committed to the highest standards of technical designs, so as to provide quality levels that exceed your expectations. For us, the principle of work depends on sharing commitment of financial and cultural aspects respond to changes and pay attention to the environment. We are focusing on high level of productivity, so as to be in line with contemporary trends to design properties that can achieve highest investment returns. Borj Al Arab Engineering Consultants Company hired highly qualified engineers backed with broad expertise to ensure its reputation, provide unique high quality designs and create innovative work environment.

    4th Street, Khobar Southern, Al Khobar

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  • Office began in Riyadh City practicing architecture activity starting in 1416ahjria and converted its activity to a consultant in 1422ahjria, so that became his name Reef Consultant Engineering Office and expanded its activity through opening branches in the city of Dammam and Khobar, also became an authorized office by the Corps of Engineers and Civil Defense in the area of safety consultancy and licensed to practice the safety engineering consultancy and work is underway to expand in all areas, according to a deliberate plans so that we can provide the best services in the engineering standards and high quality field through we received a certificate of international quality (ISO).

    King Abdulaziz St., Al Bdeea Dist., Dammam

    Landmark Aba Hussain Electric

    • Phone: 013-8335851
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  • Sultanah, Al Madinah Al Munawarah

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  • Emcan Consultants & Engineers prospect is to become one of the Saudi finest Engineering & Consulting firms, by: Delivering smart and sustainable solutions that empower our clients and enriching the community. Providing a challenging and safe working environment, in which our employees can maximally develop their talents and skills.

    Office 21, 2nd Floor, Al Badreyya Tower, Rawdah Street, Khlediyah Dist., Jeddah

    • Phone: 012-6066024
    • Fax: 012-6066034
  • Architectural Engineering‭ - ‬Civil Engineering‭ - ‬Electrical Engineering‭ - ‬Surveyors‭ - ‬Survey Works‭ - ‬Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Surveying

    Al Jazeera St., Al Badeia'ah Dist., Qatif

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  • Walid Abdul Qadir Recep company incorporated audio systems and equipment hygiene in 2000 , representing Sonia company in Saudi Arabia for more than a decade and spread our branches throughout the kingdom from the capital Riyadh, the company offers sound systems and equipment hygiene variety of services by qualified technicians from our centers and workshops Maintenance in addition to a full range of spare parts and accessories approved In these areas, and the company specializes in some of the different sound systems , as systems sound of mosques and mosques and systems acoustic appeal of the villas and palaces and residential complexes , which are currently living a period of prosperity and success for buildings and markets , as well as meeting halls and regulations system There is no doubt that this partnership is the fruit of the efforts of value made by all Walid Abdul Qadir Corp. and the Sonia who is currently living a period of prosperity and success unprecedented in Saudi Arabia over the last ten years.

    Exit 10 - King Abdullah Road, Al Quds Dist., Riyadh

    • Phone: 011-2484826
    • Mobile: 050-0539087
    • Fax: 011-2487557
  • Feras Bin Al Nadher Street - Baseel AlKhobar Tower, Ulaya Dist., Al Khobar

    Landmark Olaya

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    • Phone: 013-8990110
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  • Eng. Hamad Thawab Al Khaldi / Since more than 30 years of experience in supervision and engineering design and urban planning, the office have implemented the supervision and design of government and national projects, and a major projects and supervision for two years with the Ministry of Education to covers 24 school girls in the eastern region, and consulting contract with the Ministry of Water in Eastern Province as well as the design and rehabilitation of Rakah Palace of His Royal Highness Prince / Mohammed bin Fahd total of 40,000 m2. Our motto satisfies the customer and provides the best at the lowest cost. For contact + Whats Up : 0556696577

    Faisal Bin Fahad St. (28), Khobar North, Al Khobar

    • Phone: 013-8677797
    • Fax: 013-8336171
  • Al Maizan Tower Bldg., Ulaya Dist., Riyadh

    • Phone: 011-4659338
    • Fax: 011-4650046
  • ETECHS is an Engineering and Systems Integration Company founded in 1985 by professional engineers whose aim was to execute Integrated Security Systems projects applying the latest engineering techniques and the highest International standards. ETECHS is a pioneer in the Security Industry in Saudi Arabia and its most requested engineered systems are Total Security Management Systems, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), Access Control, Perimeter Protection, X-Ray Scanners, Intrusion Alarms, Road Blockers, Explosive Detectors, Metal Detectors, Under Vehicle Inspection, Gas Detection, Fire Detection, Fire Fighting, Public Address, Master Clock, Nurse Call and Armoring equipment including Armored Vehicles, Armored Guard Houses, Bullet Proof Glass, Security Glass Films and Military Clothes ETECHS provides total Information technology solutions, services, consultations and system integration for strategic technology Leaders such as Filenet, Microsoft, Oracle and Hewlett-Packard. ETECHS offers a large range of technology services for business process management (BPM) solutions, including business process automation, workflow management and content, document and Web content management applications, .........more ETECHS’ 250 well trained employees are always available to ensure the best solutions and services. Our 55 highly trained engineers are fully capable of providing in-house engineering for Total Security Solutions by integrating the above systems in projects related to Government Institutions, Military Bases, Airports, Industrial Sectors, Power Plants, Hospitals, Hotels, Embassies, Banks, High Rise Buildings, Commercial, and Residential sectors in the Kingdom and in other GCC countries. Since security is a very critical issue where defects and malfunctioning are not tolerated, and since we believe that we are Partners in Responsibilities with our customers, we invest deeply in our after sales and maintenance department. This department includes people with excellent understanding of the importance of their roles along with excellent know-how in the systems and problem solving techniques to ensure 7/7, 24/24 fully operational systems. With our Four Divisions – Security Systems, Fire Systems , Safety Systems, and ArmorTec , the Company has earned an outstanding reputation and has taken the lead in providing excellent high quality systems. Another ETECHS strengths lies in its membership in various Worldwide Security Organizations, thus, realizing projects in accordance with Internationally accepted principles of the industry. ETECHS operates out of the headquarters in Riyadh and regional offices in Jeddah, Al Khobar, and Qassim. We established offices in Kuwait and are optimistic in extending to other Gulf countries with the interest and the capability to execute projects internationally with an emphasis on the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

    Khobar, Al Khobar

    • Phone: 013-8599001
    • Fax: 013-8599003