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  • Faisaliyah Dist., Jeddah

    Landmark Beside In 2 Mall Center

    • Phone: 012-6634795
    • Mobile: 054-4911349
    • Mobile: 056-5509543
    • Mobile: 058-2934529
    • Fax: 012-6708109
  • Jood Elevators Company has been established in 2005. It joined the labor market of Saudi Arabia with a high efficiency & supplying its products and services to the customers who show their loyalty to the company because of its distinguished services which contributed in making the distinguished company name in addition to the competitive position in presenting services

    Salah Al Deen Al Ayoubi Road, Malaz Dist., Riyadh

    • Phone: 011-4725196
    • Mobile: 054-4279696
    • Fax: 011-4721291
  • Rouwais Dist., Jeddah

    • Phone: 012-6614547
    • Mobile: 054-3687144
    • Fax: 012-6614518
  • Zahrani Tower, Madinah Ascending Road, Jeddah

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    • Mobile: 056-6059839
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  • Madina Descending Road with Safiya Bint Abd Al Muttalib Street, Mohamadeah Dist., Jeddah

    • Universal Access Number: 9200-01696
    • Mobile: 057-0111700
  • The actual production kick-off of Semou Italian company, started from an important stratijec location at Al Sahafa district in the north of Riyadh city. The company accomplished its achievements by efforts of its sales, technical and administrative teams. Semou is using the latest advanced technology and also with support of it's suppliers & valued clients who are it's success partners since 2013.

    Imam Saud bin Faisal Street, Al Sahaffa Dist., Riyadh

    Landmark Civil Defense Road

    • Phone: 011-2229161
    • Phone: 011-2229151
    • Mobile: 055-0006554
    • Mobile: 056-4400098
  • Al Showqyah Dist., Makkah Al Mukarrmah

    • Universal Access Number: 9200-06522
    • Phone: 012-5397746
    • Fax: 012-5397784
  • Atlas Elevators Company is a Saudi company that has great qualifications and experience in the field of sale, installation and maintenance of elevators & escalators. The company is specialized in this area and characterized by providing the best services related to technical support. Atlas Elevator Company contracted with a large network of local and international partners to supply the latest and best elevators approved within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company is proud to offer the best after-sale services to end-users to save them a lot of effort and time.

    East Ring Road - Between exit 11 & 12, Al Rowdah Dist., Riyadh

    • Phone: 9200-00259
    • Mobile: 055-1953000
    • Fax: 011-4451773
  • Our Motto: (Not quality only sets us a part, but controlling smallest details) CBEC Company is considered one of the leading companies in the field of elevators, started with small & medium enterprises. In record time, the company was able to modernize & develop its programs, administrative and technical cadres. CBEC became ready to keep pace with market development in this field, and face the challenges and local & global competition. We have been accredited by the General Directorate of Civil Defense, which is the highest reference in the field of elevators, in view of its keenness on the standards and conditions of security and safety, which is one of the company priorities. With the help of Almighty Allah, and the exerted efforts to gain customer trust, a well-equipped factory was opened with the latest technical technologies in this industry.

    Prince Saud Bin Mohammed Bin Muqrin Rd, Al Aqeiq Dist., Riyadh

    • Phone: 011-4895504
    • Phone: 011-4895503
    • Mobile: 054-6957000
    • Mobile: 054-6956000
    • Fax: 011-4895507
  • Elevators For Malls‭ - ‬Hospitals Panorama Without Baseroom Restaurants‭ - ‬Merchandise‭.‬

    Exit 6, Al Rabiah Dist., Riyadh

    • Universal Access Number: 9200-22515
    • Phone: 011-2003223
    • Fax: 011-2003224
  • Anmar Al Riyadh for Trading is one of the leading enterprises in the field of elevators in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the experiences of its employees spread across long years and through constant communication with the world latest elevators technology. Anmar is now proud of being the largest corporation for elevators development and distribution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as they became agents for largest pioneering manufacturers in this field as well as through the diversity of its products and services that meet their customers’ full needs.

    Ground Floor, Building 119, Jarer Street, Malaz Dist., Riyadh

    • Phone: 011-4788401
    • Fax: 011-4728601
  • Aziziyah Dist., Makkah Al Mukarrmah

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    • Mobile: 050-5959378
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    • Fax: 012-5541388
  • Sayel Salim Al Rasheedi Elevators Est. Suppliers of Italian elevators (General) for Buildings and places prepared for elevators, Thanks to Allah we are approved and accredited by several governmental departments. Also we have Swedish Aritco elevators for villas, non- prepared places for elevators and moving chairs for staircase, if there is no enough space to install an elevator. Quality, Safety & Commitment is our top priority… Prices are affordable for everyone.

    King Khalid St. - Clock Tower, Al Nakhheel Dist., Dammam

    • Phone: 013-8375310
    • Fax: 013-8375320
  • Ocean Company is involving in the field of supply, installation & maintenance of elevators, escalators and moving walks. The company specialized in construction of modular elevators & escalators which is characterized by its smooth movement with high efficiency as well as multiple sizes. Ocean reach this quality due to the application of advanced technology, ranging from accuracy of design, using appropriate materials and use of the latest technical means and test products with advanced technology solutions. There is a wide range of passenger, goods and service elevators units, built according to the latest specifications & equipped with motorized two-speed engines suitable to control the electronic speed and technology-voltage variable frequency that can be used to measure the speed of rotation upon request. Ocean lifts has the ability of its technical staff capable to plan and implement of projects at the highest levels and quality standards. Ocean Elevators have proven its efficiency & ability to design, insurance, installation and commissioning and finalize a lot of projects ahead of schedule time.

    Ulaya Dist., Riyadh

    Landmark Behain Self-protection

    • Phone: 011-2933233
    • Fax: 011-2933060
  • Easylife & LEVEL Italian Elevators Agent Supply - and installation - Renovation - Maintenance – Spare Parts

    Prince Mohammed Bin Fahad St., Al Rabiah Dist., Dammam

    • Phone: 013-8347123
    • Fax: 013-8346849
  • SAS Gulf is a Saudi company where its headquarters located in Riyadh; they are the sole agents for Ake elevators in the whole Gulf area. Ake Elevators Company was founded in Turkey on 1993. The best & finest materials and machinery are used in manufacturing and installation industry as it is a Turkish products with German high-quality specifications. We have implemented several projects inside the Kingdom and abroad. Ake Elevators are ISO 9001 - 2008 certified in addition to other certificates from several global countries. Our company is characterized from others by truth and integrity in dealing, quality of product, speed of implementation, availability of high efficient engineers & experts, round the clock daily Maintenance service in addition to the after sales service. Our company activities are diverse. To find out more about our activities and achievements, please visit our website www.sasgulf.com.

    Al Emam Al Shafai st., Al Manar Quarter, Riyadh

    • Phone: 011-4960316
    • Mobile: 054-4448484
    • Mobile: 059-6818888
    • Fax: 011-4452984
  • Eskan Al Masiah founded in 2000, now consider as one of the main suppliers of lifts & its spare parts in Saudi Arabia. - All our products are highly innovative, quality and competitive price. - Most of our products exports to several countries around the world. We have branches’ offices in UAE and Egypt.

    Tahlyah St., Jeddah

    • Universal Access Number: 9200-01463
    • Mobile: 050-3244466
    • Mobile: 055-1616292
  • Using the innovation, quality and technology in its products, upgrades lifts and “changes the level” of thousands of people every day. We, in Elevators World, believe that evolution and excellence is not a privilege. privilege but is a goal to strive hard to achieve , so we upgrade the design of our products in accordance with the European standards. • We minimize the difficulty of installation / maintenance • We reduce the overall cost • We Increase opportunities with features that go beyond the requirements of the elevators technicians and final consumers. Elevators World offers everything that anyone could seek: Safe, advanced and reliable lifts

    5th Floor, Makkah Plaza, King Fahd Road (Siteen), Jeddah

    • Phone: 012-6682095
    • Mobile: 050-5578782
    • Fax: 012-6682059
  • Lifts Italian assembly Our goal : customer satisfaction / Credibility in the work / Commitment to the time limit / Competitive price /

    Hijaz Street, Al Yamamah Dist., Riyadh

    • Phone: 011-2090193
    • Mobile: 059-7975551
    • Mobile: 050-8606122
  • Men honored for construction elevators, to advance their services to you in the supply, installation and maintenance of elevators, where we are supplying and installation of elevators Italian, German and Spanish types: 1) elevators 2) the elevators that are running two-speed 3) the elevators that are running speeds variable (VVVF) which ensures the beginning of the move Hadi elevator and also included stops accurate and quiet on the roles 4) hydraulic lifts 5) lifts the food (for villas and restaurants) 6) Lifts luggage (goods) 7) lifts patients (clinical elevator).

    Sitteen. Cross Jarir Street, Malaz Dist., Riyadh

    • Phone: 011-2914484
    • Mobile: 055-5278750
    • Fax: 011-2916231